Vine 18.01

New in Vine

New Vine Version Numbering Scheme

Vine products version numbering scheme has been changed to a date-based one. Now versions of Vine products will use the following scheme: "year(yy).month(mm).buildnumber". This scheme will make it possible to refer to versions by the time when they were released.

For example, you can see the version of the Marketing Automation tool when you hover the mouse cursor over the tab in your browser and see it like this: "18.01.18962" - where 18 is the last two digits of the year when it was released, 01 - month, 18962 - build number.

New Versions of Web Tools

Old versions of Vine web tools available in Vine for Windows have been replaced with newer versions from Vine Marketing Automation. Now when you open the following tools in Vine for Windows, you will in fact open the latest versions of these tools from Vine Marketing Automation:

  • Automation Rules
  • Load from Address Service
  • Web Forms

New in Marketing Automation Web Tool


Creating Questionnaires

A new menu item, Questionnaires, has been added to the main menu on the left. Click it to open a new Questionnaire page which includes the following:

  • Questionnaire usage statistics
  • List of questionnaires
  • A New Questionnaire button which opens a questionnaire editor where you can design comprehensive questionnaires by entering questions and specifying answer options.

Sending email to Event attendees

Now you can select an event as a target group for your email. In addition, you can specify if you want to send email to the following groups of people connected to an event:

  • Registered. People who registered for an event in the future.
  • Participated. People who attended an event that already happened.
  • No-show. People who were registered but did not attend an event.

Person creating

It is now possible to create a new person when viewing members of an email list. Click to create a person and add it to the email list.

Marketing Automation Guide in Finnish

Vine Marketing Automation guide is now available in Finnish. You can find it here :


New in Web Form Editor

Checkbox types

Now you can select the following types for a check-box field:

  • Collection. You can find a collection by its name.
  • Event. You can select an event from a drop-down list.
  • Tag. You can select one from a list.

Checkbox grouping

You can group a number of check-boxes on the same form and require a number of those to be selected before the user can click submit.

For example, it is often reasonable to require at least one check-box selected.

Aligning fields

Now you can align fields to LEFT, CENTER, or RIGHT.