Vine 18.02

New in Marketing Automation Web Tool

Email Statistics for Office 365 Users

Now email usage statistics, such as clicked links, opened pages, etc. will not be skewed for subscribers of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.
Earlier, Vine email statistics counted activities of this protection system as actions by email recipients which distorted the overall statistics results. Now Vine email statistics engine has learned to recognize and filter out email actions which are done not by real recipients.

Configuring Cookie Consent

You can now design and add cookie consent notice to your web pages as required by the EU legislation.

There is a new Cookie Consent pane in the Settings where you can design your own cookie consent banners or pop-ups by selecting layout from several WYSIWYG templates, and adding your own texts in as many languages as you like.

Adding Members to Events

You can now add (or remove) members of events using the Participants page:

  • Click to find and add persons from the database.
  • Click to create and add a new person.
  • Click to add persons from an Excel file.

Excel Export of Event members

Now when you do an Excel export of an event's members you will also see values of custom fields the user entered in your web form when registering for the event.

Automation Test Logging

Now when you do a test run of an automation rule, you can see the sequence of steps it takes so that you can verify the route it takes, possible errors and so on.