Vine 18.03

New in Marketing Automation Web Tool

EU GDPR support

Right to be Forgotten

It is now possible to completely remove all the data for a person which exercised the "Right to be Forgotten" stipulated in the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
When you receive a Data Erasure request from a person in your database, you can go to the new "GDPR - Delete Person" panel in the Settings to find and then remove all the person's data.

Email Templates Builder

You can now create your own email templates using the Email Templates Builder available in the Settings now. Please note the following:

  • Creating a nice looking email template working in all popular email clients and browsers is a big job. To simplify this for you, we have added a few predefined templates one of which you should select first as the base template which you can then further edit and adjust to your requirements.
  • When creating new emails, all older templates are no longer available unless you have converted them using the Convert Old Email Template button. After you have converted a template, you can edit it in Template Editor and use in new emails.
  • All existing emails will still work fine using old versions of templates even after you have converted them.
  • New templates created in the Marketing Automation tool are not supported in the current version of Vine CRM.

Password Reset

It is now possible to request a new password if you forgot it. For this, please click Forgot Password at login. You will have to enter your user name and an email with a link to reset the password will be sent to you.

Updated Visit Web Page Trigger

A new option, Starts with, has been added to the Visit Web Page trigger which allows to configure it so that it activates when any page with address starting from a given string is visited.

Automation for Email List Members

It is now possible to start an automation rule for all members of an email list. Simply go to the Emails/Lists/Persons page and click . You will see a list of enabled person automation rules. You can select a rule and click RUN to trigger it for all members of the email list.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done:

  • It is no longer possible to accidentally leave the Automation Rule Editor and lose all your changes. Now you will be warned to save your changes.
  • In Automation rules editor there is now separate buttons: "Settings" and "Save", to edit rule settings and to save the rule, respectively.
  • Commands to create a copy of an email and a questionnaire have been added.
  • Now when you send an email, you will be suggested to add missing target persons to the unsubscribe list.
  • Now the language you select at login is automatically selected for new emails.