Vine 18.04

New in Marketing Automation Web Tool

GDPR - Allowing Forgotten Person

Sometimes you might need to allow adding and using a person who previously asked to be forgotten. You can now enter an email or phone number of a forgotten person and allow using this person again.

Please note that Vine does not keep any data on forgotten persons. Instead, Vine prevents adding forgotten persons again by storing their emails and/or phone numbers as hash values (numerical codes uniquely identifying data, but without possibility to decode data). So when you ask to allow a person by entering an email or phone, Vine generates a hash value from it, compares to hash values of forgotten persons, and allows the person if it finds a matching hash value.

GDPR - Right of Data Access

Now the default Privacy Policy page generated by Vine includes a special form where email recipients can enter their email addresses and request to see data required by the GDPR law. An email will be sent to the recipient with a link to see the data.

Lists Page

A new separate page, Lists, has been added which includes email lists and person tag lists. This should help most users to easily find and manage needed lists.

Verifying Email Lists

Now you can add a Verify Email Lists link to your email. When email recipients click this link, they will see a page with all email lists they have subscribed to. They can verify and update their email lists if needed.

Job list in Person edit form

You can now set job responsibilities for a person in its edit form.

Click Link in Email Trigger

A new automation trigger, Click Link in Email, has been added which activates when a recipient clicks a certain link in email. You can select the exact triggering link from a list of previously used ones or use the "Starts with" option to activate the trigger for all links starting from a given string.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done:

  • There is now Download and Upload buttons for templates in the list of Email Templates. For example, this makes it easy to transfer templates when needed.
  • There is now a Test button in the Email Template editor so that you can send the current template as an email to see how it looks.
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally leave the Email and Email Templates editors and lose all your changes. Now you will be warned to save your changes.
  • New conditions ("in between" and "Visit web page") have been added to the "If else" automation action in the Automation rules editor.

Exit Intent Forms

Beta feature

In the Web Forms editor, you can now mark a web form as an Exit Form for specific tracked pages of your web site. Then this form will pop up whenever a page visitor shows intentions to leave the page. For example, when the mouse cursor leaves the page window.

You can use the CSS field to add extra design to your exit form.

Please note that this feature is in beta state and we would really appreciate your feedback on it.