Vine 18.10

New Vine Sales Tool

Vine Sales Tool is a simple web application designed for sales people to accept leads coming from Vine Marketing Automation, and then manage leads till a contract is signed.


Changes in Vine CRM Windows Application

Changes in object edit forms:

  • A new custom goal column added in the Goals page of the Person edit form.
  • A new custom field added in the Value Page of the Sales Case edit form.


New in Marketing Automation Tool

New Email Template

A new modern looking responsive email template, Blocks, added.

Email Links to Triggering Events

In the email editor, you can now add Invite Friend for Event and Not Now for Event links for an event that started automation in the Registered to Event trigger.

Event Registration Limits

Events now have additional fields where you can set how many persons can register for an event and when a warning that the event is almost fully booked should be shown in the Customer Web.

New Raise Lead Option

There is a new checkbox in the Raise Lead action to prevent creating duplicate leads for persons who already have new or active leads.

Improvements in Web Site Tracking

Now, in cases when browser cookies do not help, Vine additionally tries to identify a site visitor using a combination of its browser fingerprint and IP address. This helps, for example, to cross identify visitors whose browser fingerprint data was earlier saved in the database.

A new setting in Address Service

A new setting, Match Employer using Domain from Person Email has been added to Address Service settings. Select this, if you want to try to detect employer companies for persons not present in Address Service. Vine will use the domain part of the email address of a person not in Address Service and try to find a company in Address Service with email address having the same domain part.

Load from Address Service Moved

The Load from Address Service tool has been moved to the Lists page where you can invoke it using the button for the list set in the Address Service Settings.

Improvements in Load from Address

In the Load from Address Service tool:

  • There is now a button Clear Selections that resets and clears all selected and entered fields on the page.
  • Selected industries are now also shown in a comma separated list to simplify following selected items.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • New conditions: is empty, and is not empty added to the If-Else automation action.
  • In the Email Editor, it is no longer allowed to save emails with missing settings.
  • Now for emails that still use old templates you will see a warning recommending to start using new templates.
    First, you need to go to the MA Settings->Email->Email Templates and make sure there is a new version of the template you need. (If there is no new version then it is better to create a new template, but it is also possible to convert an old template using the "Convert Old Email Template" button.)
    After that you need to recreate your email based on the new email template.