Vine 18.11


Changes in Vine CRM Windows Application

A new custom gauge added on the Today pages for the Sales and Management roles. The gauge shows up only if you have data in custom person and sales case goal fields added in the previous release (18.10)


New in Marketing Automation Tool

New Email Template

A new base email template, Horizon, added.

Domain Configuration Improvements

The email domain configuration panel has been simplified to show a green check mark when all settings are fine, and red otherwise.

You can always click the Info/Configure button if you want to see a list of all now hidden settings that have been verified.

Domain Warning Banner

Now a warning banner is shown when the tool starts and in the Emails and Settings pages.

To enable email sending and remove the warning banner you should configure an email domain you intend to send your emails from. Click Go Email Settings or go to Settings->Email->Email Domain to do this.

Email List Additions

There is new sub-list links for a shown email list: Possible to Send, Empty email and No marketing. You can click those links to see all people from the list who have valid email addresses, no email address, or who do not want to receive marketing emails, respectively.

A separate Excel button has been added which when clicked shows the Export to Excel and Import from Excel commands. Export to Excel has been moved from the main Lists page and the Import from Excel command has been moved from the Add menu where it was called Add Excel File.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • There is now a separate MAILTO type of link which you can add to your emails. No longer needed to create custom mailto links.
  • A new SMS operator with a broader set of supported functionality has been chosen. This will ensure faster and more reliable delivery, as well as extra options such as including Web addresses(URL) in text messages.