Vine 19.01


Changes in Vine CRM

  • You will no longer be able to send emails if the domain of the Sender address has not been confirmed. You can confirm and configure email domains on the Email tab of the Settings in the Marketing Automation tool.
  • If your domain is confirmed but you have no valid SPF and DKIM values then Vine will send your emails on behalf of you. Your recipients will receive emails from " on behalf of <your address>"
  • An important bug fixed in Vine CRM Windows application when in certain cases a marketing email was not sent by Mail Wizard though it said that email was successfully scheduled.
  • You can add a link to a landing page in Mail Wizard in Vine CRM.

New in Vine Sales web application

Sales Push Notifications

Now your browser will show notifications about marketing activities of your Contacts. For this to work, you should allow push notifications which your browser will ask for when you log in the Vine Sales web application.

Adding Person to Contacts

  • Now when a lead is accepted the lead person is automatically added to the Contacts list in Vine Sales.
  • A person can be added/removed to/from Contacts by clicking

New in Marketing Automation Tool

New in Web Forms

  • Forms are now easier to embed as they are inserted using DIV tags instead of SCRIPT. (Old forms inserted using the SCRIPT tag still supported.)
  • The option to start automation has been moved to the Form Submitted trigger. (Old forms which start automation still work as before until you turn automation off there. After that please use the new trigger.)
  • There is a new setting Map to existing form which you can use to attach a Vine form to an already existing web form on your site. You can use this, for example, to attach to a login/registration form and get the user identity for tracking.
  • Colors of buttons can be now easily configured using simple visual tools.

New Redirect Options in Web Forms

  • Reload current page - Useful for login forms used in landing pages where, for example, an anonymous user can log in and the page will reload customized to the identified user.
  • Redirect to saved landing page - You can select a landing page which will be loaded when the Submit button is pressed on your form.

Landing Page

A landing page editor has been added to the Web Site set of tools. Click Landing Pages at the bottom of the Web Site page to open a page where you can create your own professional looking landing pages. Once you create a landing page, you can start adding links to it in emails you send.

Simpler and Faster Email Testing

  • Now you can see if an email was tested when it was last edited. If an email has been tested already you will not be required to test it again before sending. If it has not been tested then you cannot continue until you click EDIT, then TEST and SAVE it.
  • Now the Sender and Reply addresses must be in the domain confirmed in Settings. You cannot continue with an email having wrong Sender and Reply addresses.

Changes in Delete Unused Persons

The Delete Unused Persons button has been moved to the Account tab of the Settings. It now cleans your database from persons who have not been used for more than a year (persons who have not been changed in Vine and no email sent to and no event connected) excluding persons from the No Marketing collection, Contacts of all users, and employees of customers.

Event Participants Changes

Now the list of event participants includes two menus with Excel Import/Export commands and commands to add persons to the list.

List Members Changes

Now all list commands are also available at the bottom of a multiple page list.

Safe list/tag removal

You cannot now accidentally delete an email list or tag which is in use by an automation rule. First, you need to remove the list from all automations where it is used.

New Lead Charts

The Leads page now includes the charts of Approved Leads and Rejected Leads. Leads can be approved or rejected in the Vine Sales web application.

New automation triggers

The following new automation triggers have been added:

  • Lead points changed over X points in N days. Activates when a lead acquires a given number of points within specified amount of days.
  • Questionnaire filled. Activates when a person fills in and submits a questionnaire.

Zapier Integration

A New Lead trigger from Vine has been added to Zapier which you can use to integrate Vine lead generation with any external system supported by Zapier.

If you want to try out the new trigger please click Vine on Zapier and accept the invitation. Please contact Vine Support if you have any questions.

API Keys

You can now create API keys in the API Keys tab in Settings. API keys can be used to log in to Vine services without using Vine username and password. API keys are more secure to be used in external services because:

  • There is no need to store your password with an external service and you can simply delete an API key and remove access to Vine for that service.
  • API keys stay functional even if you have to change your Vine password.
  • API keys can limit access to functionality only required by that service.

Currently Vine API keys support access to Vine REST and Vine Zapier integration.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • On the Lists page, the list set in the Address Service settings as the one to where persons are loaded from the Address Service is now shown in bold.
  • A warning email is now sent when an event attendee count is over the warning limit
  • Now Excel import matches imported persons to the ones in your database, first, only by email address and then only by first and last names.