Vine 19.04


New in Marketing Automation Tool

Interactive Forms

You can now easily create a sequence of interactive forms which will act as a chatbot when embedded in your web pages. A well designed chatbot will help you to better engage your site visitors and bring more leads.

New in Landing Pages

The main changes for landing pages are as follows:

  • The Web Site page now includes a separate Landing Pages tab.
  • Added statistics data and charts for landing pages usage. Overall statistics for all landing pages is displayed at the top of the page and individual statistics is shown below for a selected landing page.

New in Automation Rules

The main changes for automation rules are as follows:

  • The Automation Rules page as a separate one has been removed and added to the bottom of the Automations page.
  • To open commands for a rule you now need to click at the left of a rule. The command icons are no longer displayed at the right end of a rule.
  • In a rule's settings, there is a new option - How many automations to run for one object at the same time which has replaced the "Start even if it runs already for same object" option. Possible choices are to run all automations, run only first started, and run only last started.
  • New triggers added: Tag Added and Tag Removed. The triggers activate when an object added or removed from the tag list, respectively. You can create new tags right in these triggers.
  • You can now terminate running automation instances in its Executions History page.
  • You can specify a count of days and a specific web page in the same “If-Else” condition.
  • "Group Statistics" checkbox removed from the Send Text Email automation action.

Form Fields in Automation Field Selector

Now you can easily use all form fields in the same way as fields of other included objects in automation dialogs. Simply click  next to the edited field and you can select any submitted form field from the Form Data list.

Changes to Automation Rule Templates
  • A new automation template has been added "Sales Liidinosto".
  • The "Liidinosto" template now has an "if/else" step "Ohita oma henkilöstöto" to check if the user is from the same company and continue only if not.
  • The Event Registration template is now started using the Registered to Event trigger instead of the Form Submitted.
  • The Document Download and Newsletter Subscribe templates now have starting trigger "Submitted form".

Package/Invoicing Panel Redesigned

  • The Invoicing panel in the Settings has been renamed to Package. It now includes more detailed information such as "Total Persons to Invoice".
  • A new panel called Invoicing has been added. You should fill in that panel to get correct invoices from Vine.
  • You can now select your MA package and see the pricing details.
  • The Package panel now loads much faster and you need to click Calculate to see all data when the panel loads the first time.


New Chart in Customers & Prospects

A new chart "Active Persons" has been added to the Customers and Prospects pages. The chart shows the number of leads per month as well as persons who visited your site, clicked a link, or registered to an event.


Tracking Script Warning Banner

Now a warning banner is shown when the tool detects no visits to your tracked web pages in four days.

To check your tracking settings click Go to Web Site Settings or go to Settings->Web Site->Tracking.

Previous Month Form Statistics

The Web Forms statistics counters now also show data for the previous month.

Navigation at List Bottom

Now list commands are also available at the bottom of list pages

Email Statistics Excel Export

You can now save email statistics data in an Excel file for further processing.

Published Documents Page Updated

The Published Documents page now has the command menu and documents are now links which you can click to edit documents.

More Columns Added to Lead Tables

New columns, Phase and Came From, have been added to the Last and Top Leads tables on the Leads page.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • There is now a button Export Unused Persons to Excel in the Unused Persons section in Settings. Click it if you want first to examine persons to be deleted.
  • Now email lists are shown as links which you can click to open its Persons page ( the same page opens when you click the Members button)
  • It is no longer allowed to remove domain if it is used in Branded domains.
  • An event's Participants page now has a link - Not Coming which you can click to see all persons who informed that they are not coming (using a "Not Now for Event" link)