Vine 19.06


New in Marketing Automation Tool

Automation Rules in Interactive Forms

Often you need an interactive form to activate one or several automations. Now it is much easier to create a new or edit an existing automation rule as you can do this right from the interactive form editor.

Interactive Form Templates Added

Two interactive form templates added which you can start from when creating forms to get contact data and to download documents.

Tags in Interactive Forms

Now you can create a new tag when you need it while in the interactive form editor.

Localization in Interactive Forms

Now the interactive editor is fully localized into Finnish and Russian, including the internal text editor menus and dialogs.

New Automation Trigger

A new automation trigger, Lead Phase Changed To, has been added. It activates when a lead's phase changes to the specified one. This can happen, for example, in the Vine Sales application. After the trigger activates, both the lead and sales persons are available and can be used in automation actions.

Dragging Chapters in Email Editor

In the Email Editor, you can now add a new chapter simply by dragging it from a list of all chapters on the left and dropping to the place you want in the email editor.
Improvements in Event Participant Lists
  • Now when you click an event, then a list of its participants opens both in the Open Events and Event History pages.
  • The "Triple Dots" menus have been added to event participants. These menus now include the Edit and Delete commands.
  • Excel Export and Import commands have been added to the participants page of History events.
  • In the Import Excel command you can now select whether you want the imported persons to have the Participated or Registered status.

Chat Bot

You can now find a chat bot icon at the bottom right corner of every MA page. Click it to open a chat dialog and ask questions from the Vine automated bot. You can also ask to connect to a human operator. Please note that the chat bot will improve with time by learning answers to the questions you will be asking.

Report Added to Spam Test Dialog

Now email tests you run show a list of email issues which constitute the total SPAM Score.

Improvements and fixes


Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • The Vine tracking system has been rewritten to optimize design and to allow adding new features easier.
    Among other things, the new system now matches a person not only to those in your database but also to those in the Address Service database. It then loads the matching person automatically to your database. Another important update is that now data entered in form fields update the corresponding fields of the matching person.