Vine 19.08


New in Vine CRM

New design of Vine for Windows

The look and feel of Vine CRM Windows application has been updated to become more modern. The colors, icons, some dialogs have been redesigned to make the user interface more fresh and appealing while leaving intact all the familiar functionality and ease of use.

Marketing Tools removed

Vine Mail Wizard and other Marketing Tools have been removed from Vine for Windows. The latest versions of all marketing tools are now available in Vine Marketing Automation.

Collections Merged into Folders

A concept of "collections" is no longer used in Vine. Now a "folder" and its icon is always used to identify a group of objects or other entities.

New in Marketing Automation Tool

New Image Editor in Emails

Email image editing has become cleaner and now includes the possibility to add images from the following image sources:

  • Organization Library. You can now manage and organize your own library of images which will be available in Vine Marketing Automation for all users and all emails for your company.
  • This is a well known site which provides free photos for everyone.

List Segmenting

Now target group queries you create in the Target Group editor based on an email list are also available as segments of the base email list. You can edit list segments and send emails to segment members.

Email Sending from Lists & List Segments

You can now use an email list (or its segment) to initiate sending an email to all its members.

Form Tags and Lists in Automations

If an automation is triggered by a submitted form which uses tags and email lists then you can refer in the automation to the names of the form tags and lists.

"No Email" Pane on the Lists Page

A new pane No Email has been added on the Lists page where the "No Marketing emails" and "Invalid emails" lists have been renamed to the "Unsubscribed list" and "Incorrect addresses list", respectively.

Email Editing from Send Email Automation Action

An Edit button has been added to the Send Email automation action so that you can review and modify an email directly from the dialog.

Marking Persons for Events

You can now mark a person as Not Coming for a future event in the list of event participants and mark a person as Coming in the list of not coming persons.

Chapter Visibility Setting

You can now make an email chapter visible only to persons with a specific tag. Just select a chapter and then choose the tag from the Show chapter for list.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • The Web Forms page now includes filters to limit shown forms.
  • The Distribute Responsibility list used in automation actions now also includes all MA users in your organization.
  • An Exit command has been added to the Vine Sales application.
  • An improvement in the Vine tracking system for "unknown" visitors. Now if Vine cannot identify a visitor but can identify its company then you will receive a new lead for an "unknown" person but connected to a known company.