Vine 19.09


New in Vine Sales

Visual Classification of Leads

You can now classify leads by assigning each lead a visual attribute from the following set:

You decide the meaning of these flags yourself. For example, you can use those to flag your hot, warm, and cold leads.

New in Marketing Automation

Image Editor for Landing Pages

You can now edit images in landing pages using an image editor similar to the one used for editing images in emails.

Sending Reminder Emails to Invited but not Registered

You will now have a separate list of people invited for an event. Using this list, you can, for example, easily send a reminder email to those who have been invited but have not still registered.

The list of invited people will include people from the following sources:

  • Persons whom you send an email with the event registration link.
  • Persons you add manually.

Sending Emails to EDU Course Participants

In EDU systems, the Recipients page now also includes educational courses. You can select a course and send email to its participants.

Free Text Answers for Number Questions

You can now use the Free Text answer option to add a text answer box for number questions in Vine questionnaires.

Package Limit Warning

Now a warning banner will be shown when the number of Persons To Invoice in your account exceeds the number of contacts included in your MA package. You can click Go To Account Settings to adjust your plan.

Email Settings Dialog

Now when you click Settings in the Email Editor then a separate dialog is shown where you can edit all the settings. (Earlier the settings were shown in a pane at the bottom of the editor and could be missed.)

Improvements and fixes


Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • Several crashes fixed in Vine CRM for Windows.
  • Now in Vine Sales, when someone makes you responsible for a lead, you will get the lead person added to your My Contacts when you change the lead.