Vine 20.01


New in Vine CRM

View Menu in My Sales Cases

Now in the My Sales Cases tool you can use the View menu to configure how you want your sales cases to be listed.

Office 2019 Support Added

Now Vine CRM for Windows fully supports Microsoft Office 2019 and you can use the Contact->Send email command with Outlook 2019 and the Mail Merge tool with Word 2019.

New in Marketing Automation

New Email Command in Send Email Automation Rule

In Send Email action, there is a New button which you can click to create a new email right from the dialog.

Possible to See Objects in Test

Now when testing an automation rule, you can select Show included objects to see Vine objects used in the rule.

If-else uses HTTP response

In If-else action, you can now use the HTTP-response of a Send HTTP Request action which happened earlier in the same rule.

Form Editor and Preview Changes

The following changes done to the web form editor to make it look and work the same as the Interactive Form Editor:

  • The "Embedding" tab replaced with the View and <> buttons. Click View to see an improved preview and click <> to embed the form to your Web page.

Your Custom Image in Interactive Form

You can now set a custom image to be used for an interactive chat bot.

Improvements in Interactive Form Editor

Now Interactive Form editor helps you to see steps which can never be accessed depending on your current position. This especially helps to make sure that chat bots with multiple branches always work correctly.

Linked Images in Emails

Select a new email setting - Use Linked Images if you want to include only links to your images and do not embed the images in email. Among other things, this will reduce email size, and avoid showing images as attachments in some email clients (for example, Android devices).

New Source Code Editor in Landing Page and Email Template Editors

With a new source code editor, it is now easier to do custom changes to landing pages and email templates.

Chapter Visibility in Landing Page

You can now make a chapter of the landing page visible only to identified persons with a specific tag. For this, in the Chapter Settings dialog, first, select Identified from the Show For list and then select a tag from the Show for persons who have tag list.

New CSS Editing Options in Landing Page Editor

  • There is now a separate Element tab in the Landing Page editor where you can configure CSS settings for the current HTML element.
  • Click a new CSS button in the toolbar if you want to add custom CSS to your page. (Please note that you should not manually edit CSS in the top style tag of the page as your changes will be discarded when the top style tag will be rewritten.)
  • No longer needed buttons, such as font, font size, background removed from the toolbar.

Easier Adding Chapters in Template Editor

In the Email Template Editor, you can now add a new chapter in the same way as in other editors - simply by dragging it from the list of chapters on the left.

History of List Changes

You can now review the history of adding and removing persons to an email list. For each person, you will see when it was added or removed and who did it.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • Now when you delete an email template, all emails using it will be removed too.
  • Now when you delete an email folder, this will also delete all emails located in the folder.
  • You can now click the Sent Reply statistics to see the full text of reply emails in the Detailed Metric page.
  • Oracle 11g no longer supported. The minimum required version of Oracle is 12c now.