Vine 20.02


New in Vine CRM

ID Added to Sales Case Summary View

You no longer need to search for sales case ID when you want to include sales case data, for example, in a Vine email. Now ID is shown at the top of the summary view for a sales case.

New in Marketing Automation

Copying –°olors in Landing Page Editor

When choosing a color in the Landing Page Editor, you will now have a choice of all colors already used on the current page. You will no longer need to manually copy a color if you need to use it in several places on the same page.

Border Editing Options in Landing Page Editor

You can now use the Element tab to visually configure borders for a selected element on a landing page.

Submits Button in Form Editor

The Submits button has been added to the form editor so that you can check a form's Submits page right when you are editing the form (and not only from the list of all forms).

New in Raise Lead Automation Action

Now you can set a lead phase and a follow-up date in the Raise Lead automation action. Automatically raised leads will appear in the Sales tool ready for further processing.

New Answer Type in Questionnaires

A new answer type - Rating- has been added so that you can easily create questions which imply a five star scale answers.

Added Design Options in Questionnaires

In the Questionnaire Editor, you can now easily improve the look of your surveys by setting the image and color for the header and the whole page.
(Please note that you can use the Style Wizard in Customer Web Settings for more advanced design settings.)

Commands Added to Questionnaires List

You can now open and edit recent questionnaires right from the overview pane. (You no longer need to open the full list first.)

Searching Forms by ID

You can now search forms by ID. This can help, for example, when you need to find a form used in HTML where only form ID is used.

Creating Tag from Segment

There is a new command for a list segment - Create Tag and Show Members. Select it to create a tag list and fill it with segment persons. You can then browse the tag list, and add or remove persons if needed.

Name Field Removed from Simple Automation Actions

You no longer need to enter a redundant "Name" field for simple automation actions and triggers which are better identified by a combination of the action name and some key field, such as "phase", "subject", "lead name", etc.