Vine 20.03


New in Marketing Automation

Your Own Chat Bot

Beta Feature

You can now design and configure you own chatbot shown in your tracked pages. Without using any code you can do the following main things:

  • Configure how the bot will answer visitor questions in as many languages as you like.
  • Give the bot the look you like. For example, following the style and colors of your brand.
  • Make the bot appear only in web pages you want.

Please note that the chatbot is in beta now and available only on demand. Please contact Vine support if you want to try it out.

MA Read-Only mode available

Users with the Admin role can now create users with the MA read-only role. These users can login and browse through MA pages but they cannot change anything. This helps you to give access to people to view all data and statistics without worrying about them breaking anything.

New Email Template, Ervin

A new template, named Ervin, added.

It is designed for business emails and works fine in all common email clients. For example, this template will look really well and responsive in the default GMAIL email client in new Android devices when browsing emails from a Microsoft Exchange server.

New Email Template, New Block

A new template, named New Block, added.

It is designed to be compatible with most email applications on the majority of devices, and is different from other Vine templates in the following aspects:

  • The link to see an email in the browser is hidden in phones.
  • Some separator elements are tuned to look differently in mobile and desktop email applications.
  • The template width is 650px which is a bit wider than previous Vine templates.
  • All the images need to be 650px wide to make them look good in Android GMAIL client when browsing emails from an Exchange server.

Improvements in Image Editor

  • You can now save an image in email or landing page to your organization library.
  • Now image has text clarifying when the height and width in pixels show the sizes shown (Display Size) or the real image sizes (Image Size), for example, in the Crop mode.
  • You can now Press-and -hold the Shift key when resizing the crop rectangle to maintain its aspect ratio.


Landing Page Image AUTO Option

You can now set image height (or width) as AUTO which will instruct the browser to scale the image automatically to best fit the page.

Landing Page History

You can now revert to any previous version of a landing page. Simply click History and then click any previously saved version. It will load to the editor and you can save it, if it is the one you need.

Full Template Preview

Now when creating your own email template, you can, first, scroll and preview in full each Vine predefined template to decide which one you need.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • The Show Log command added to Executed Automations panel of a person summary view. Click it to verify all the executed steps.
  • The chat circle in bottom right of the MA page is now better positioned and does not close chapter controls in template and email editing.
  • Now, if needed, you can keep using your existing email system for email sending and use Vine only for tracking user actions. Vine now supports the use of "?vine-email=[EMAIL]" as a parameter in web links to identify persons in Vine.