Vine 20.05


New in Vine CRM

New Date Fields in Objects

New custom date fields have been added to the standard company, person, project and sales case objects. These can be used when Vine is integrated with other external systems which demand additional date fields.


New in Marketing Automation

New Form Editor


The editor of the static forms has been rewritten and improved to follow the look and style of the interactive forms editor.

Please note that forms created or edited in the new editor can no longer start automations by themselves. Instead, if you need an automation started when a form is submitted, please use the Form Submitted trigger. You can use the Automation Rule Create and Edit buttons to manage automation rules right from the form editor.
Forms created in the previous editor which start automations will be supported for a limited time only so we recommend to convert those as soon as possible.

New in Chatbot

Beta Feature

New functionality added and many improvements done. The most important new features are as follows:

  • The Logs tabbed page added where you can view details of each chatbot conversation.
  • You can now import question and answer pairs from an Excel file.
  • You can add chatbot triggers which define when and how the chatbot dialog will open. For example, you can program the chatbot to appear after the visitor spends a certain time on a page, scrolls it to a set percentage, or after it visits a number of pages on your site.

  • You configure different greetings which the chatbot uses for identified and anonymous persons. These greetings can now use the name of a person if it is identified.


Please note that the chatbot is in beta and available only on demand. You will get it for free in MA 1000 and bigger subscriptions! Please contact Vine support if you want to try it out.

Better Preview of Standard Templates

Now when you create a new template, you will see a better preview of all available standard templates, so that you can compare those side by side and pick the one you need.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • Text fields added to the "Our Clients" chapter template in Landing Page editor. You can use these fields to enter client names.
  • Now the code editor warns you when you close it without first saving your changes.