Vine 20.06


New in Vine CRM

More Informative Sales Case Name

Now the name of a sales case uses all characters from the Subject field and up to 50 characters from the Customer company name. (Earlier only up to 20 characters were allowed from any of these fields.)


New in Marketing Automation

New in Form Editor

  • In interactive forms, you can now reorder steps by simply dragging a step to another location in the sequence.
  • Now you can create a new folder for a checkbox, menu or radio button field right in the form editor.
  • For a pop-up form, you can now use visual elements and color pickers to add form padding, text color, background color, and background image. You no longer need to enter CSS code to do that.
  • You can now export the list of form submits into an Excel file.

New in Chatbot

Beta Feature

New functionality added and many improvements done. The most important changes are as follows:

  • The Answers page has been removed as it is clearer for users to edit question/answer pairs in the Questions page.
  • You can now create and edit web forms directly from the Question dialog.
  • You can now configure the chat bot so that the visitors can switch to a human operator. So far only one team messaging application is supported: Mattermost. If you need this functionality in this version please contact Vine support.
  • Now it is easier to add multiple chatbot suggestions in chatbot settings.
  • Mandatory empty fields now highlighted with a red underline in the behavior rule edit dialog.
  • Added short explanations to the chatbot settings and overview pages.


Please note that the chatbot is in beta and available only on demand. You will get it for free in MA 1000 and bigger subscriptions! Please contact Vine support if you want to try it out.

New in Landing Page Editor

You can now edit web forms directly from the Chapter Settings dialog.

New link type in Emails

You can now add a Suggest a friend to subscribe link to your emails. When email recipients click this link, a special Customer Web page will open where they can enter contact data for a friend they want to invite to subscribe to this email list. When Invite is clicked the friend will receive an email with a subscribe link.

Better Preview of Email Templates

Now when you create a new email, you will see a better preview of all available email templates, so that you can compare those side by side and pick the one you need.

New in Template Editor

  • You can now configure CSS for individual elements in an email template. Click inside an element you want to set CSS for. The type of the selected element and its current styles will be shown on the Element tab.
  • There is now special 'dark color' template settings to be used when a ‘dark theme’ is selected on the device of an email recipient.

New in Help System

  • Now the new features page shows up automatically when you start a new version of Vine Marketing Automation for the first time.
  • The Guide and New Features icons have been added to the bottom of the left menu.
  • The look of the guide has been updated and many fixes done.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • In the Web Site page, the Identified visitors counter is a link now which you can click to see all identified visitors for the last month.