Vine 20.08


New in Marketing Automation

WordPress Plug-in


If you created your site using WordPress then you can now easily add Vine tracking to all you web pages using the WordPress Vine plug-in .

New in Chatbot

Now available for free in MA 1000 and bigger subscriptions!

New functionality added and many improvements done. The most important changes are as follows:

  • You can now configure a question to be answered by a set of clickable suggestions. For example, when you want the visitor to pick one choice from many.
  • You can now use the Hide from suggested question switch to not show the question as a clickable suggestion.
  • You can now select an existing question from a list in many places where existing questions can be used. For example, when adding Live Chat trigger phrases, adding answers with suggestions, or suggestions in behavior rules.
  • The long list of conversations in the Logs tab is now easier to work with as it is split to several pages and easier to read as visitor questions and bot answers are properly indented and highlighted.
  • Questions which answer with forms or suggestions now highlighted in lists with special icons and , respectively.

Please note that the Live Chat (chat with a human operator) functionality is still in beta and available only on demand. Please contact Vine support if you want to try it out.

New in Landing Page Editor


  • You can now use a new chapter template to add nice looking pricing plans easily.
  • You can now create web forms directly from the Chapter Settings dialog.

New in Email Editor

Clicking Test Spam Rating in the email editor no longer opens an external web page. Now all data with the rating of your email and a list of things that can be improved is shown inside a dialog in Vine MA.

New in Template Editor

  • The Font Weight and Line Height settings have been added to the CSS panel for individual elements.
  • There is now the following new Link Button general template settings: Border Color, Dark Border Color (for dark themes), and Border Width. You can, of course, override these settings using the CSS panel for a specific link button.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • The look of the Vine CRM Help system has been modernized and functionality improved.
  • Vine web forms are now better protected from spamming and other inappropriate use. It is no longer allowed to submit forms more than 30 times in 30 minutes from one IP address and to submit forms with web addresses (URL) in name fields (first name & last name).