Vine 20.09


New in Marketing Automation

More Сookie Consent Features


Vine Cookie Consent functionality has been extended to enable flexible solutions that adhere to the GDPR requirements:

  • Deny cookies and withdraw consent functionality added.
  • If needed, it is now possible to integrate Vine tracking and cookie consent systems with those of third parties in all combinations. For example, you can use Vine cookie consent banner to prevent the use of Vine and third party tracking until the visitor clicks Accept in the Vine consent dialog. Or you can use a third party consent dialog to decline or allow storing Vine tracking cookies.

You can easily create custom Vine cookie consent banners in the Settings. If you want to integrate Vine with other systems, then you can do this in Google Tag Manager or with simple JavaScript coding.

New in Chatbot

New functionality added and many improvements done. The most important changes are as follows:

  • The Question edit dialog has been redesigned to remove clutter and clarify options. Some noticeable changes: the text editing toolbar now firmly attached to the text field, clearer options to select Answer types, matching questions and answers explained better and located on the right
  • Vine Live Chat (chat with a human operator) now also supports Microsoft Teams.

Please note that the Live Chat functionality is still in beta and available only on demand. Please contact Vine support if you want to try it out.

New in WordPress Plug-in

  • There is now no need to enter organization ID manually in the WordPress Vine plug-in. You simply need to login to your Vine MA account and you will be able to use the plug-in.
  • Now you can add Vine web forms to your site right in the WordPress page editor using the "Vine: Web Form" block.

Joomla Plug-in


If you created your site using Joomla then you can now add Vine tracking and Vine web forms to all you web pages using the Joomla Vine plug-in .

Forms Split to Two Pages

As regular web forms and interactive ones (bot forms for short) are quite different in how they look and work, it has been decided to split those to two separate pages with their own statistic counters and editors. Therefore, there are now two separate form related entries in the main menu: Forms and Bot Forms, which open their respective pages.

New in Forms Editing


  • Now the Automation Rules list in a web form shows all rules which include the Form Submitted trigger with this form.
  • Now when you click <> to add the form to a web page, you will find not only general HTML code working everywhere, but also specific simpler instructions for users of the WordPress and Joomla systems.

New in Image Editor

The Image Editor now remembers the last search word and recently selected images.

New in Landing Page Editor

  • Page, chapter and form settings are now easier to find and use as they are moved to the left side pane
  • It is now easier to enter correct texts and images in the SEO Settings Dialog as every field suggest the recommended text length or image size.

New in Web Site / Page Scores

  • You can now select a rating to see only pages having it.
  • The column used for sorting and its order is now clearly indicated with ▲

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • The Web Site page of Settings now suggests simpler configuration of Vine tracking using Vine MA plug-in in WordPress and Joomla systems.
  • You can now copy your organization ID to the clipboard on the Account page in Settings.