Vine 20.10


New in Vine CRM

Tagging Target Search Persons

In the Target Group tool, there is a new button Tag. Click it, to tag found persons so that they become available in Vine CRM & Vine MA as members of a tagged list.

Name in Mail Merge File Name

You can use the "#NAME#" string in the file name of a Word template to be replaced by the name of the right-clicked object when starting the Vine Mail Merge tool.


New in Marketing Automation

–°ookie GDPR Compliance Tool


There is a new Test cookies tool located on the WebSite tab of the Settings page, which you can use to check cookies on any site for GDPR compliance. If the tool reports cookies set without user permission then you need to verify if those are marketing tracking cookies, which are not allowed; or if they are cookies required for the web site operation, which are acceptable.

New in Landing Page Editor

  • Two columns with images and YouTube chapter templates have been added.

  • Added new options to the Element (margins, paddings) and Chapter(inner background color and transparency) tabs

New in Questionnaires

  • You can now conduct anonymous surveys when you want to get honest answers from people without detecting their identities. Click Get Link to copy an anonymous link while editing a questionnaire or select Anonymous next to a Questionnaire link in an email if you do not want the questionnaire to identify respondents.
  • It is now easier to create questionnaire descriptions using an HTML editing toolbar and you can make the description visible to respondents by selecting Show Description.
  • You can select a desired font for your questionnaire from the Font list

New in Email Template Editor

Now, when editing an email template, you can find and use chapter and template settings easier as they are moved to separate tabs in the left side pane.

Getting Started Wizard

A Getting Started Wizard added which will help new users to configure most important settings of Vine MA.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • We added a warning about the soon ending support for Vine CRM target groups.
  • In the Address Service settings, we emphasized the warning about invoice affecting settings.
  • Added a clarifying note about the metrics of an individual email always showing full history.