Vine 21.01


New in Vine CRM

Duplicating Target Groups

In the Target Group tool, you can now easily create a copy of a group using a new Duplicate right-click command.

MS Office 365 Sync

Beta Feature

A new type of synchronization that copies your calendars between Vine and Microsoft Office 365 has been added to try it out before it is officially released. It can be configured by opening Settings->Synchronization->Microsoft Office 365 in the Vine CRM Windows application and then clicking Control there.
This type of sync is much faster, has a lot of fixes included and will never require the user to create special credentials to be used only for the sync.

New in Marketing Automation

New in Landing Page Editor

  • You can now use fonts from the free Google Fonts catalog. Simply build an URL with needed fonts on and then paste it on the Page tab. After that you can select any added Goggle font for elements on your landing page.

  • A new SEO setting, SEO URL, has been added which you can use to configure a short and SEO friendly URL for your landing page.

  • More CSS settings added for individual elements. You can now round the corners of an element using the Border radius setting and create a drop shadow for an element using the Box Shadow set of settings.

New in Email Statistics

  • A new statistical metric added - Went to Web Site which shows the number of people who opened a link in this email leading to a web page tracked by your organization. The cookie consent (if present) must be accepted by a visiting person for this count to be increased.

  • A pie chart added to the Opened Email and Went to Web Site metrics. The chart shows a breakdown of devices used by email recipients when opening emails or clicking web site links, respectively.

Warning System Improved

The warning system now includes the following two types of alarms:

  • Red alerts signal an error in MA configuration or an incorrect use of some feature. We recommend to click and check these immediately.

  • Usage Notifications tell you that you can do a better use of Vine MA (see below for more information).


Added Usage Notifications

Now, we will notify you if you are not using some of the best functionality of Vine MA. Only one notification will be shown at a time with more important notifications shown first. You can close these notifications to not see them again for a few weeks.

Getting Started Wizard Updated

The Getting Started wizard updated to look and work better. If you are a new user of MA, we recommend you to start the wizard from the bottom of the main left menu and follow its steps to get to know and configure the most important settings of Vine MA. This wizard will hide automatically when you no longer need it.

New Filter for Email Recipients

Now, when choosing recipients for an email, you can remove people who received a specific email from your company in a specified number of days.

Improved Unsubscribe List Warning

When you send an email, you often see the warning about persons missing from the Unsubscribe list. This warning has been improved to state clearly the target group with email recipients and the Unsubscribe list where the missing persons will be added.

Improvements and fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • Now, it is much easier and faster to schedule email sending date and time either by using a new Date&Time picker or by using the keyboard.
  • Now in Lists, Tags are shown exactly as email lists and have the same set of links. The only difference is that segments cannot be created for tags.