Vine 21.03


New in Vine CRM

More Pages using Distinctive Vine Look


Vine entry pages, Vine MA left menu, and some other elements have been uplifted to give them a fresh and distinctive Vine look and improve functionality.
For example, the Vine Start page now includes the Vine logo, Vine trademark colors and automatically uses the Finnish or English language based on the language set in your web browser.

New in Marketing Automation

Improvements in the Form Editor

The following new features and improvements added in the form editor:

  • If you are adding a background image to a popup form then
    • You can now load a background image using the standard Vine image editor (used for editing images in emails and landing pages).
    • You can now select the size of the background image from the new Image Size list. The list includes the "auto", "contain", and "cover " options (which set the value of the background-size CSS property).
  • The CSS class field has been moved to the Custom CSS dialog (and it is no longer mandatory for popup forms).
  • You can now modify colors of the text and link in the Reset Known Person field.
  • Now, when you choose the Show Text action for the form Submit button, you will have a simple, convenient editor to add the text you want.
  • The form preview now works better by showing the latest form data.

Added Background Image Chapter in Email Editor

A new type of chapter having a background image has been added in the Spring and New Block email templates.

Please note that this chapter has been designed specifically for the latest versions of Outlook and other popular email clients and you should test and use it with caution if recipients are likely to have older versions of email clients.

Added RSS Feed Chapter in Landing Page Editor

New chapter types added which you can use to add RSS feeds to your landing page.

One chapter type formats the feed output in one column and the other in two columns.