Vine 21.04


Changes in Vine CRM

Office 365 Meetings No Longer Editable in Vine


Meetings created in Office 365 and copied to Vine as events of the O365 Meeting type can be no longer changed in Vine. You can view your Office 365 meeting event in Vine, and, if needed, decline it by disconnecting your person from the event. Please use Office 365 tools to do other changes to Office 365 meetings.

Other Improvements and fixes

Now web links in Vine are recognized better in certain places and you can simply click those instead of copying to your browser or email application.

New in Marketing Automation

Improvements in the Form Editor

You can now easily set all the colors of text fields right in the editor without using custom CSS.

Limiting Tracked Domains

In a future version of Vine Marketing Automation, we will limit tracking only to domains specified by you. You will no longer need to worry about some pages on the internet spoiling your statistics by copying the tracking code from your legitimate pages.

To prepare for this, you need to provide domains you want Vine to track in Settings->Web Site->Tracked Domains

Email Size Warning

An email test report will now also include a size warning if the size of email is too big for some email applications. You will be informed about biggest images and suggested ways to reduce the size of email.

Adjusting Physical Image Size in Emails

To make images in emails appear better and more predictable on devices of various sizes, Vine will now rescale proportionally all images to 650px width by default. Normally, this setting should work fine for all images and email applications, but, if needed, you can control this setting for all or individual images in the email template, by adding the vine-images-max-width attribute to the body or img tags, respectively.

The email editor will now recommend that images should have 650px width (or the value set by the new setting.)