Vine 21.09

Changes in Vine CRM

Full Localization into Swedish


Now the main Vine CRM tool for Windows has been fully localized into Swedish.

New in Marketing Automation

New in the Campaigns Tool

  • Now when creating a new campaign, you no longer need to always create a new campaign from scratch. Instead, you can now pick an appropriate pre-made campaign template as a starting point to build on.

  • You can now add a Questionnaire as a campaign part.

  • Now when you add a bot form to a campaign all the tag groups and events used in the bot form will be added to the campaign automatically.

  • Many minor fixes and improvements added.

New in Automation Rules

Now the Do this action to list will include the Downloaded document option if your rule has a "Document Downloaded" trigger. This will allow you to create actions applied to the downloaded document. For example, you can add the name of the downloaded document to an internal email or link the downloaded document to the person who downloaded it.

New Cookie Consent Layout

A new layout of cookie consent dialog added in Settings->Web Site->Cookie Consent. This layout opens in the top middle part of the browser window and includes new elements, such as, the logo image set in the Customer Web Settings pane.