Vine 21.10

New in Vine CRM

Reporting for Office 365 Meetings

Now meetings created in Office 365 and copied to Vine as events can be reported on using the Report command available in the right-click menu and in the Command panel at the top of an open event.

New in Marketing Automation

Multiple Branded Domains

You can now set up multiple branded domains so that when you send marketing emails from different domains registered for your brands, Vine MA will automatically update all the links in an email to follow the domain used in the From address.
You can set up multiple branded domains in the Settings->Email->Email Domains pane.

New in Automation Rules

  • Now in automation actions, when you click to add a [[placeholder]], you can use the search field at the top of the shown list to filter the available fields.
  • Now when you click the Show Log command in an automation history, you can select Show included objects to see all objects used in the automation in the same way as you could earlier see those when testing an automation.
  • When testing an automation rule, you might want your test person to be an attendee of some events. You can now select these events using a new tab, Events, added to the Automation Test Context dialog.


Border Colors in Bot Forms

You can now set border colors for messages and buttons in your bot forms.

Unsubscribing Person in List

You can now click the three dot menu for a person in a list and then select the Move person to Unsubscribed list command to remove the person from this list and add it to the Unsubscribed list. In addition, there is a separate command to move all employee persons of the person's employer company to the Unsubscribed list.

Other Improvements and Fixes

Many improvements and fixes done. The most important ones are as follows:

  • You can now set the text color of a heading field in a static form.
  • When you now duplicate a campaign, separate "own" copies of all its parts created in a new campaign instead of using links to parts from the source campaign. Please note that all these part copies will be deleted (if not changed earlier) when you delete the whole copied campaign.
  • The Leads from target groups campaign counter is now a link which you can click to see all leads this campaign has generated.

  • The Chat transfer to human pane in Settings->Chatbot no longer requires a special setting to be visible and is available to every user.