Vine 6.1.3

New Summary View for Persons and Companies

A new Summary View engine has been developed to support advanced layouts. In this release, new summary view layouts for persons and companies have been designed. The new views work better and add the following functionality to simplify browsing object data:

  • A better look with new icons, panes, data elements and other intuitively clear visual elements
  • A responsive layout which adapts nicely to smaller screens of tablets and phones
  • No scroll bars inside panes to simplify object page browsing
  • "Webshot" panes with screen shots of web pages which open in a browser when clicked
  • Addresses open directly in Google maps when clicked
  • New panes to summarize and display financial, sales, marketing, personnel, and other data for companies and persons
  • Possibility to design new custom panes easier

The new views will replace the old object and summary views. Object Views will no longer be available. 

Address Service

A new Vine Address Service has been integrated with the decision maker data from Asiakastieto Oy which provides access to thousands of companies and key people. The integrated Address Service allows you to:

  • Search for companies and people in the Address Service using the Find by Name tool.
  • Load found objects from the Address Service to the Vine database.
  • Keep Vine persons and companies and their profile data automatically up-to-date with the latest information from the Address Service.

This service has to be ordered separately. You can order by contacting

Company & Person Edit Form Changes


  • "Street Address" fields now come before "Postal Address" fields because the street address is now much more important, for example, for the Google Maps to work and users often forget to fill in both.
  • New fields added on the Profiles page which are synced with the Address Service if it is available.
  • The previously available fields at the top of the Profiles page can be now changed by renaming their collections and used for any purpose.


Table View tool renamed to Selection Tool


The Table View tool has been renamed to the Selection Tool so that users no longer confuse table view layouts used in Vine to display lists of objects and the tool itself  which is used to prepare a list of vine objects for further operations.


Updated Mail Statistics Tool


The Mail Statistics tool has been updated. It has got a new clean look and improved functionality with several new filters integrated with the Address Service.


Duplicate Management Updated


The Merge tool now allows searching for identical persons within one company, and using phone and business-id numbers cleaned from extra prefixes.

To open the Merge tool, you now need to click the cogwheel icon in the top toolbar in the Vine windows client and then select Duplicate Management.

For the Merge Tool to be available to you in Vine you must be a member of the Vine Vintage Users and Vine Web A dministrators user groups. For this tool to work you have to be connected to the server database.