Vine 6.1.4

Improvements in the New Summary View

Many fixes have been done to the new Summary View engine and view layouts. Among the most important changes are the following:

Mail Wizard Improvements

  • Now when you click "Test" before sending an email, Vine verifies the spam score of the email and if the email server is authorized to send on behalf of your "From" address. If either of these checks fails you can not send the email.
  • It is now easier to update emails using the "Save Copy" button. If you want to update the email you have opened you only need to click "Save Copy" and then click "Save" (as the current email will be automatically selected and the Email Name field set properly).
  • If you save an email copy over another existing email you will be now asked to confirm that.

A new Management report and improvements in existing Sales and Management Reports

  • A new Sales Overview report has been added to the Company tools for the Management role. The report shows sales results for each sales person as well as combined sales data.
  • The possibility to toggle the shown data for the current or previous year has been added to the following reports: The Budget Status and Sales Visits Management reports and the My Sales Overview report.
  • Now the Budget Status and the Sales Visits reports show the percentage values in bars. This helps to see, for example, how much over the 100% goal some sales person is.