Vine 6.1.5

New Features and Fixes in Summary View

New in Automation

New triggers:

New activities:

A new setting added to all actions:

  • Do this action to - allows changing the target object of the action to another object. (new objects can be included to automation using the "Include object to automation" action).

New settings added to the "Add event" action:

  • Start Date - gives you flexible options to specify how you want the "start date" field of the event to be set.
  • Use Selected Person as Responsible - allows you to assign a specific person as responsible for the event.
  • Remind - allows you to configure reminding options of the event.

Improvements in Email Templates and Template Editor

  • Automatic Template Updating. You no longer should worry that you are missing on new features or improvements done to the base Vine templates. Now when you open your template based on a standard one, you will be able to automatically merge all the changes in the standard template into your template.
  • Chapter Title Font settings added in Template Settings.
  • Added chapter settings which allow to control better chapter background colors

A new Tool to Add objects to Collection using a List of Names

You can now right-click a collection and select Add objects from name list to open the tool where you can paste a list of object names and add all matching objects to the collection at once. The tool allows pasting lists with the following data:

  • List of Persons. The list can include first name, last name and company name for each person.
  • List of email addresses.
  • List of company names.

Help Improvements

  • The Vine installer no longer includes the Help system. The Help is now published on the Vine web site:
  • Help in English

    Help in Finnish

  • More improvements are coming soon.

Search filter in Web Page Feed

You can now filter the listed marketing activities by using the Search box. Simply enter your search string and only rows which include it will be listed.

Improvements in Today Marketing page

  • The "Clicked link in mail" graph is now by default always located at the top right of the page.
  • A "Next chart..." link has been added so that you can use it to cycle through other mail statistics metrics. The old way to click the image to cycle through other graphs is still supported.

Create Collection command added to Selection tool

It creates a collection and automatically adds all objects from the Selection Tool to the collection.