Vine 6.1.6

New Vine Information Page

A new Vine Information Page will now open when you click in the top toolbar. Using this page you can, for example, find about the latest changes in Vine products, open the User's Guide, read the Latest News from the Vine web site, contact Vine support, or search for help.

Note that whenever there is new information on the page, the question mark icon will be blinking.

Mail Statistics Localized


Mail Wizard Statistics is now localized into supported languages.

Improvements and Fixes in Mail Wizard


  • You can now easily organize your saved emails directly on the Template page of the Mail Wizard. The Saved Emails tab now includes the Delete, Rename and New Folder A folder in Vine is a named group of objects. commands. You can simply drag an email to another folder to move it.
  • Now emails based on a template removed from the database will still work using the template version saved with the email.

New Industry Selection Option in Target Group tool


Now when using the Select Persons/Companies command in the Target Group tool, you will see a new check box Industry which has replaced the Industry Code and Industry Group check boxes. After selecting this check box, you can select the needed industry groups and codes from the intuitively clear hierarchical Select Industries dialog.

Automation Additions

There is now an Automation Type you should assign to each automation rule. The following automation types are available:

  • Form rules - used for rules assigned to web site forms. For example, forms used to register for a newsletter, or a webinar.
  • Drip rules - used for Drip Marketing rules. For example, rules to send a series of emails to a lead.
  • Page rules - used for web page visits. For example, a rule that starts when a person opens a page on your web site.
  • Other - can be used for all other rules.

A new Action added:

A new Setting added to the "Send Email" action:

  • Use Selected Person as Responsible - allows you to assign a specific person as responsible for a lead triggering this rule.

New Score Settings in Web Page Tracking

The following new settings have been added to the Web page tracking Settings:

  • Do not track these pages - here you can specify pages which you do not want to be tracked.
  • Filter these parameters - here you can specify which URL parameter values you want to be removed from page URLs.