Vine 6.2

Web Forms Editor

There is now an all-new tool to create contact tracking web forms which you can add to your web site.

Earlier you had to manually code such forms and add correct scripts to your web site pages.

Now a simple form can be designed and embedded to your site in a matter of seconds. The tool even gives you the exact scripts you need to add to your web page to make the form working instantly.

If needed, you can adjust your form as much as you want to as the tool includes lots of capabilities to add extra elements, polish the design and fine tune the functionality of your forms.

Tools Panel Modified


The following changes have been done to the Tools panel so that users can find their tools faster:

  • All tools are now shown in one pane and organized in sub groups.
  • The design of the panel has changed with all groups always expanded and group titles in all capital letters.
  • The Tools panel for any user role includes the standard FIND, MY TOOLS, PROFILES and OTHER groups of tools.
  • In addition to the standard groups, user roles may include role specific groups, for example, WEB TRACKING group for the Marketing role or REPORTING for the Management role.

Marketing Automation Additions

  • Many improvements done in the automation diagram layout.
  • Now the Add Connection action allows connecting a selected object not only to a specific, already known object but also to objects included during automation.
  • Now you can personalize emails sent by automation by using fields of objects included during automation. This сan be done using a special syntax when editing an email template in the Mail Wizard or Email Templates tools.
  • A new check box, Group Statistics, has been added in the Send Email action which allows grouping statistics for all emails sent by this action under one event in the Mail Statistics tool.
  • It is now possible to use the If-else action to check if an event included to automation is an "Out of Office Message".

Batch Delivery Schedule in Mail Wizard

Now you can split sending emails by Mail Wizard into several timed batches instead of sending all your emails at once. This can, for example, help to distribute the traffic and server load better.

Better Detection of Bounced Emails


Now bounced emails are analyzed more thoroughly which helps to determine the reason better and decide on future processing of bounced email addresses. For example:

  • Undelivered(bounced) emails are usually due to the wrong email address and emails will no longer be sent to this address.
  • Undelivered(spam) emails are usually those which are considered as spam by the receiving server. Emails will not be sent to this address in the future.
  • Undelivered(Others) emails could happen when, for example, the recipient's Inbox is full. Emails will be sent to this recipient in the future.