Vine 6.2.5

New Person Goals


Now you can use the Goals page of your person object All information in Vine is stored in the server database as named objects of different types. Examples: a company, a person, an event, a sales case. to plan how many sales calls and sales emails to do each month.



New Sales & Management Today Pages


The Sales and Management Today pages include more sales metrics which are now visually shown using bar gauges.



Sales Visits tool modified


The Sales Visits tool is now called Sales Events and allows viewing sales calls and sales emails in addition to sales visits. It shows how many sales events (visits, calls, and emails) happened in your company compared to how many were planned.



New Offer Report tool


The Offer Report illustrates how many offers were done in your company compared to how many were planned. It includes charts for monthly offer counts and total value of offers per month.



New in Marketing Automation Web Tool


  • Events page added. Use this page to manage events which you are inviting visitors to. Events are automatically published on the Vine Extranet.
  • Automations rules. Now you can use the Automations page to create or modify most of Vine marketing automation rules.
  • Lots of fixes and improvements.

More Address Service Data


The amount of data available in Vine Address Service has been more than doubled, bringing the total number of available key persons to over 380k. About 200k of those persons have valid email addresses.



Better Unsubscribe Page in Extranet


Now the unsubscribe page does not show confusing checkboxes when there is only one newsletter to unsubscribe from.