Vine 6.3

New in Marketing Automation Web Tool


New Vine Extranet pages

Vine Extranet pages have been updated. Each page now has a cleaner content with focus on one subject and a better look which you can customize using Settings->Customer Web Settings panel.

Person View Improvements

The person summary view has been improved as follows:

  • Now all tags and email lists of a person are listed. You can easily remove a person from a tagged collection or from an email list.
  • Marketing activities are now grouped by sent emails and visit statistics are grouped by day.

Automation Tests

It is now possible to click TEST button for a person automation and verify if all actions perform correctly. (Some reasonable limitations apply: for example, the Wait action skipped in tests; all emails sent to the current user.)

Excel Import to Email List

You can now import new (or update existing) contacts from an Excel spreadsheet directly into a mailing list. You need to use the provided Excel template which you should download first.

New email metric - Lead Count

A new metric, Lead Count, has been added which will now be collected for all new emails. The metric will show you how many leads your emails generate.

Most Important Fixes and Other changes

  • Vine Update Service has been fixed to properly start now on all computers after system reboot.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is now supported.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista is no longer supported.
  • The User Interface of Marketing Automation has been localized into Russian