Vine 6.3.1

New in Marketing Automation Web Tool


Added Image Editor

An image editor is now built-in to the email editor. When you click an image, you will see a toolbar with a few image orientation commands and an Edit Image button which you can click to open the Image Editor where you can fine tune how your image looks.

Email Open times Visual Analysis

Now when you click an "Open email" metric for an email, a pie chart will open which visually shows how many people simply deleted the email, how many skimmed it, and how many read over it.

New Vine Customer Web pages

Support for more types of Customer Web pages has been added. You can now use email links opening customer Questionnaire pages.

New in Load from Address Service

A new setting, Limit Loading, has been added to control how Address Service loads persons depending on the availability of email addresses. You can use the setting to select:

  • Load all persons if you want to load all found persons regardless if they have email addresses or not.
  • Load persons with email or email can be generated if you want to load all found persons which either have email addresses or Vine can generate those. In this case all loaded persons will have email addresses, either original or generated by Vine.
  • Load persons with email if you want to only load persons which have email addresses in the Address Service database.

Top Counters Now links to details

Now statistic counters shown at the top of most main pages are links which you can click to see a detailed list In lists objects are represented by small icons and object names. Icons help you to recognize object types. Press a keyboard character (a letter or a digit) to jump to the list item that starts from this character. The first matching item will be chosen, counting from the top of the list. of actions.

Better names for "More" links

Some "More" links were actually opening new pages instead of expanding the same table data. Such "More" links have been renamed to the names of pages they open.

Email preview in list of Emails

Now there is a preview image next to each email in list of sent emails. You can quickly hover the mouse pointer over the images to see what was in each email.

(Please note that the preview images will appear only for emails created or updated in Marketing Automation 6.3.1 or later.)

Faster calculation of Target Group members

Calculation of amount of target group members has been seriously optimized. Now even in case of tens of thousands members it takes a few seconds.

Send HTTP Request Automation Action

A new automation action has been added which allows running an HTTP request to any web service. Using HTTP requests you can flexibly interact with, for example, Vine REST or any external web service.

Most Important Fixes and Other changes

  • Fixed several issues which happened in the Safari browser on a Mac and did not allow using all the features of Vine Marketing Automation there.

New in Vine

Saving Outlook Events to Vine

Now if you do not use ActiveSync Synchronization then you can save an event directly from Outlook to Vine.