Vine 6.3.2

New in Marketing Automation Web Tool


Excel Export added to Email Lists and Events

Now you can export an email list members or an event attendees into an Excel file by clicking the icon. If needed, you can modify some data in Excel and then import the file back into Vine so that all changed persons and companies got updated.

Site tracking option for Web Links

A new checkbox, Site tracking, has been added to Normal Web Links in emails. By default, it is selected for a link and it means that the link address will include special Vine parameters for tracking visitor actions. If you clear Site Tracking then tracking parameters will not be added which is useful in cases when you do not want or cannot track the link usage.

Default Privacy Policy Page

Now Vine provides a default Privacy Policy page required by the EU. You only need to enter you company data in the Company Information section of the Settings page and the policy page will be generated for you automatically. Before using you can preview the page.

A link to your generated Privacy Policy page will be included to the footer of updated Vine email templates.

Email Address Settings

A new pane of settings, Email Address, has been added to configure email addresses you use while sending marketing emails:

  • Your vine email. This is the email address Vine has created for your company and will use it to look for replies to emails you send. Normally, you would like to create your own Reply address for your emails instead of this automatically generated one. You can create your own mailbox anywhere with the name you like and configure it to forward emails to Your vine email. Then Vine will be able to read and process all replies sent to your marketing emails.
  • Forwarding email address. This is where you should enter the email address you have configured to be used as Reply address for your emails. Click TEST EMAIL FORWARDING to verify that forwarding to Your Vine email has been configured correctly. Please note that the test might take a few minutes. You will see a green check mark if the test passes.
  • Invite Friend email address This is the From address you would like to use in Invite Friend emails. Click TEST INVITE FRIEND EMAIL to verify if a sample Invite Friend email you will receive has the From address you would like your emails to have.

Using Tags to select Email Recipients

Now you can select a tagged collection of persons as a target group for your marketing emails. Persons can be tagged (added to tag collections) in automation rules.

New Vine Customer Web pages

Support for more types of Customer Web pages has been added. You can now use email links opening customer Invite Friend pages. Using that page you can enter contact data and send an invitation email to any person you want to invite for an event. Your invitation email will include a link to one more Web page where registration for the event can be accepted or declined.