Event Fields

Start / End

The Start and End fields are mandatory. Click the icon next to the date field to select a date from a monthly calendar:


To select a date, simply double-click it in the monthly calendar or click the date and then click outside of the calendar. The calendar will close and the date will be selected. You can always press ESC if you want to close the calendar without changing the date.

An event can last for several days so the event's End day does not have to be the same as the Start day.

To set time for an event, you need to enter the start and end times after the dates in the Start and End fields, respectively. Note however, that start and end times are not obligatory. You can have an event without any time set for it ("untimed" event) or you can have an event with only one time, either start or end, set.

You should enter dates and times in accordance with the format set in Regional Options available from the Control Panel of Microsoft Windows.

Dates and times can be incomplete: for example, if you type only “10 13", Vine interprets this as 1:00 pm on the next possible tenth day of a month. Nevertheless, it is recommended to fully specify dates and times in order to avoid possible errors.

When you leave the Start edit box or select the Start date in the monthly calendar, the End field is automatically adjusted so that the duration of the event will not change. If you want to change the duration you have to edit the End field.


Name is a mandatory field.


Event types are created and changed by the administrator. They are useful for understanding the nature of an event and for classification purposes.

Examples of the event types: Meeting, Task, Memo, Phone Call.

Show in To Do

Select Show in To Do if you want the event to be added to the To Do list In lists objects are represented by small icons and object names. Icons help you to recognize object types. Press a keyboard character (a letter or a digit) to jump to the list item that starts from this character. The first matching item will be chosen, counting from the top of the list. on the Today page.


Select Reported if you have already informed about the results of the event. This field is only enabled for events of the Sales Meeting type as some Sales tools are using the status of this field.


Use this field for a free-form description of the event. A standard description field can store up to 2000 characters.

Special Link fields

You can link persons, companies, projects and sales cases to an event by using special link fields on the edit form:

There can be multiple attendees and only one responsible person for an event.


To protect an event, choose the visibility and editing groups from the Visibility and Editing menus, respectively. This allows the specific group of users to open and modify the event. Other users can only see the time reserved for the event and the event’s attendees on the calendar.

Access Rights

For information about object access rights please see the Protecting Objects chapter.

Image Field

For information about image fields please see the Image Fields chapter.


From the Repeat popup menu, you can choose how you want the event to be repeated. In the Ends edit box enter the time when you want the event to be repeated for the last time.

When you want to edit or delete an occurrence of a repeated event, you will be asked if you want to edit all future occurrences of this event or just the selected one:

When you connect an object to an occurrence of a repeated event, Vine asks you:

Remind Fields

You can be reminded of an upcoming event at a desired time. In the Remind menu choose Remind. Set the time for the message, for instance 30 minutes before the event. The reminding message is generated by a separate application, Vine Reminder.

If you want to be reminded over your mobile phone you can choose Also SMS Text.

You can change the default Remind time:

  1. Select Show Settings from the main top left menu and then click the Calendar tab in the Vine Settings dialog:

  2. Set the Default remind time you want to appear when you are setting reminder for an event.