Project Fields


Name is a mandatory field.

Link Fields

Client and Responsibility are link fields.

Unless the administrator set it otherwise, you can:


From the Resource Type menu choose the name of the resource group (directory) that will contain this resource. Resource types are set by the administrator. For example, the following types can be used: Equipment, Conference rooms.


Choose a phase In Vine Marketing, a phase is an independent stage of a query. It has its operation type and criteria loaded in its Contents field. of the project from the Project Phase pop-up menu. The administrator defines Project phases in which they are shown in the person’s To Do list In lists objects are represented by small icons and object names. Icons help you to recognize object types. Press a keyboard character (a letter or a digit) to jump to the list item that starts from this character. The first matching item will be chosen, counting from the top of the list..

The following project phases can be used: Active, Ready, Cancelled, Dismissed, etc. Usually the administrator defines that projects in the Active phase are to be shown on the Projects page in the To Do window.


You can protect a project by choosing the visibility group from the Visibility pop-up menu.

Access Rights

For information about object All information in Vine is stored in the server database as named objects of different types. Examples: a company, a person, an event, a sales case. access rights please see the Protecting Objects chapter.

Image Field

For information about image fields please see the Image Fields chapter.


Use this field for a free-form description of the project. A standard description field can store up to 2000 characters.

Other fields

In the lower part of the Project edit form the following additional fields are located: Start date, End Date, Budget, Result, Duration and Amount. These fields are not mandatory, but they can be useful in the project follow-up.

The use of these additional fields requires the internal agreement of the working team. The fields may describe how you plan to implement a project (the costs and the amount of work) or the objectives of a sales project (sales in dollars and units). For example:

Start date

the date the project starts

End date

the date the project ends


estimated costs


results achieved

Duration (units)

time to be spent

Amount (units)

number of product units sold