Running Vine desktop client the First Time

  1. Run Vine by double-clicking the Vine shortcut on your desktop or use the
    Start->Programs->Vine menu.

  2. Select the language of Vine.

  3. Enter the Server name, your User name The name by which a user is known to the Vine Open Server. Every user name is associated with a password, and both must be entered to connect to the Vine Server database. and your Password A secondary identification word associated with your username. Your password is used for data security and should be known only to you. Both you and the administrator can change your password..

  4. Click OK.

  5. If you have entered valid data you will see the Vine desktop. Welcome!

  6. Next time you start Vine, you will only have to enter your password or, in case of Single Sign On, you will not need to enter anything.

  7. It is recommended that you periodically Changing Your Password.
    For more information about the login dialog settings and how to use them, please refer to the Login & Server Connection section in the Using Vine chapter.