Selection Tool

The Selection Tool is a table where you can choose a group of Vine objects for further operations. It displays Vine objects in a Table View with its rows listing objects and columns showing object fields.

From the Selection Tool, you can drag results to any existing folder A folder in Vine is a named group of objects. or create a new folder.

You can add any object All information in Vine is stored in the server database as named objects of different types. Examples: a company, a person, an event, a sales case. or a selection of objects to the Selection tool. Also results of an advanced find are listed In lists objects are represented by small icons and object names. Icons help you to recognize object types. Press a keyboard character (a letter or a digit) to jump to the list item that starts from this character. The first matching item will be chosen, counting from the top of the list. using this tool.

Table layouts can be customized by selecting and dragging columns, sorting, and filtering shown objects. Customized table layouts can be saved for further use.

Opening Selection Tool

To open the Selection Tool, click  on the Toolbar.

To Add Objects to Selection Tool

  • Right-click selected objects and choose Add To Selection Tool from the shortcut menu. The Selection Tool will open and load the selected objects.

  • Drag selected objects into the Selection Tool. For example, you can drag objects from the History or from the Tools panes.

Note that the Selection Tool only shows objects of one type on a page. If objects of another type are added, it opens a new page and a drop-down list appears at the top. You can select the needed page of objects from that list.

When you add new objects to the tool, Vine asks you how to insert the new objects:

  • Union - adds the new objects to the table.

  • Replace – removes all existing objects from the table and places the new objects there.

  • Subtract - removes the selected objects from the table.

  • Intersect - leaves only those objects which are present both in the current table and among the selected objects.

  • Cancel – revokes the drop operation.

The Selection Tool shows the current number of included objects in the top left corner.

To Delete Objects from Selection Tool

To delete one or several object rows, select the rows and press the DEL key, or right-click the selected objects and choose Delete from Selection Tool from the shortcut menu.

Saving Objects to Folder

Click Create Folder to create a folder and automatically add all objects from the Selection Tool to the folder.


Customizing Table Layout

The Selection Tool uses a table view to display objects. Please refer to the Table View chapter if you want to change displayed columns, add filters, and change layout in any other ways.