Zapier Integration

You can use Vine triggers and actions in Zapier to integrate with any external system supported by Zapier.

Currently, the following triggers are supported:

  • New Lead. Triggers when a new lead created or accepted in Vine.
  • New Person. Triggers when a new person added to an email list in Vine.
  • Person Updated. Triggers when a person updated in Vine.
  • Person Deleted. Triggers when a person deleted in Vine.

And the following actions:

  • Create Person. Creates a new person.
  • Update Person. Updates a person using its ID.
  • Create Connection. Creates a connection using IDs of the From and Target objects and a connection type.
  • Delete Connection. Deletes a connection using IDs of the From and Target objects and a connection type.
  • Create Company. Creates a new company.
  • Update Company. Updates a company using its ID.
  • Find a person. Finds a person in Vine and, optionally, creates one if missing.
  • Find a company. Finds a company in Vine and, optionally, creates one if missing.


Preparing a Zapier API Key

You can create a Zapier API key in the API Keys tab in Settings of Vine Marketing Application. You will need this key to connect your Zapier Account to Vine.

Please log in to Vine Marketing Application and go to Settings->API Keys

To create a Zapier API key click New Key.

  1. Enter a name and a description for your key.
  2. From the Rights list select Zapier.
  1. Click OK. The key will be created.

Adding Vine Account in Zapier

Currently, you can only add Vine to Zapier by using a public invitation link from Vine. If you want to try out the new trigger please do the following

  1. Sign up and login at if you haven't yet done that.
  2. Click the invitation link: Vine on Zapier. The following invitation page should appear:
  1. Click Accept Invite & Build a Zap to accept the invitation.
  2. Go to the My Apps tab and search for "vine" in Connected Accounts. Please note that sometimes you need to wait a little before the Vine entry appears in this list:
  3. Select Vine from the list. (If there are several versions available then please select the latest version of Vine.)
  4. The following dialog will appear.
  5. Now you need to paste the Zapier API key to give Zapier access to your Vine.

  6. Click Yes,Continue. Your Vine account should be connected:

  8. Click Test to verify it.

Please contact Vine Support if you have any questions.

Creating a Zap

Using Vine Triggers

Let us see how to use Vine triggers using a sample Zap which is activated when Vine raises a new lead and creates a new person in Pipedrive if it is not there yet:

  1. Click Make A Zap to create a new zap. (If you are new to Zapier you might see a tutorial. Take it if you need it.)

    You will see the first page where you need to select your application. Click Show All if you do not see Vine app there. Sometimes you might need to type "vine" in the search box for it to appear in the list.

  2. Click Vine to select it.
  1. Next you need to choose a Vine trigger:


Click Continue and select the Vine account you created:


  1. Click Continue again to set parameters for your trigger:

Click Continue to test your trigger and pull in a sample of data from Vine to Zapier. If the test is successful you will be suggested to continue to the step where you can define which actions you want to perform once the trigger is activated.

Click Done Editing to close the Vine trigger.

Click the Plus sign, find the "Pipedrive" application and create a "Find or Create" action in Pipedrive:

Test and give a name to your zap.

If the zap works as intended then simply turn it on:

Using Vine Actions

Let us see how to use Vine actions using a sample Zap which is activated when a new person created in Pipedrive and then copies that person to Vine if it is not there yet:

  1. Create a zap using the New Person trigger in pipedrive:

  3. Create a Find a person action in Vine:

  5. There is two search types available: by Email and by Name and Company. Select Email:
  6. Configure the parameters of the Find action and select Create Vine Person if it doesn't exist yet :
  7. Click Continue and then Test the action and turn it on if it works as intended.