Reach your clients where they are.


Accelerate your growth

More traffic to your site

More traffic to your site

We help you attract more people to your website -  from the target audience you wish to reach. 

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Better conversions

Better conversions

We'll help you create more collaborative website, full of options such as interactive inpage bots.

Activate your clients
More leads for your sales

More leads for your sales

We are here to help you find the perfect quality leads for your sales team! 

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What is Vine Marketing Engine?

Vine is the engine your marketing needs to succeed. With Vine you create more meaningful interactions on your website, find your key audiences, send leads to your sales and improve your marketing functions as a whole. 

Reach your B2B audience with Vine's Lead Engine

Vine's Lead Engine gives you the means to tell your story, reach your audience and gain trustworty data on who is actually interested in your services. 

With our Lead Engine you get 1500 Finnish B2B-contacts selected from your ideal buyer profile, Vine's Email Marketing that helps you create and send emails that actually reach their audience and trustworthy data that is not ruined by bot clicks. 


Finnish martech solution to exhilirate your marketing and sales teams!

Vine is a Finnish IT company that has helped companies find their clients with better solutions since 1991. We help your customer's bridge the gap between sales and marketing and find the driving force to their marketing needs. We help you manage your marketing and sales funnels easier from one place. 

Get to know Vine

Learn more about marketing automation, get to know Vine's features and keep up to date on our newest features. 


Marketing automation crash course

Six emails full of useful knowledge about marketing automation and tips on how marketing automation can help your company. (Only in Finnish) 

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Check out our demo

See what Vine has to offer. Check out our demo and get to know our features in action.

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Guiding you through

We have many useful guides on marketing automation. Check them out and learn more useful information about Vine. 

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Design your Engine



This is the option for companies that wish to do things in their own paste, independently. 

Help, please!

Help, please!

This option is meant for you, if you have an idea and a plan but you might need a little help with the excecution. 

Please do it.

Please do it.

Vine made easy. You automation journey planned, managed and adjusted by skilled marketing professionals. 

Monthly collaboration starting from 390€/month

Campaign, starting from 1400€

The greatest benefit has been that we have been able to widen our audience by almost 90%. 

Jussi Laaka

Asianajotoimisto Jussi Laaka

 Vine has fulfilled our expectations. We are very pleased by the simplicity and ease-of-use of Vine's CRM and marketing automation. 

Petra Rusi

Vine's marketing automation frees time from routine tasks. We can concentrate on our content when we know that the tool works.


Minna Kakko



Marketing agency - Become a Vine-partner!

Help your customers grow and improve their marketing as a Vine Partner. Find out more about our partnership programme (only in Finnish).

Learn more about Vine


Our blog contains useful tips on how marketing automation can benefit your company (only in Finnish)


Vine's guides give you even further knowledge on marketing automation (in Finnish)



Check out our webinars and get to know Vine! (In Finnish)

Work from Finland

Work from Finland

In 2020 Vine achieved the Avainlippu accreditation. 

Learn about Vine
Guide to automation

Guide to automation

Learn more about marketing automation from our guide (in Finnish).

Audiences from Suomen Asiakastieto

Audiences from Suomen Asiakastieto

We work together with Suomen Asiakastieto to provide you with the best audiences for your marketing needs. 

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Get excited about bots

Get excited about bots

Join us to a bot revolution. We have various options from an AI based chatbot to an inpage bot. 

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