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Increase your website traffic

Vine will help you attract more website visitors. In the Finnish market you can utilise Vine's Address Service that allows you to download new B2B contacts from your target market. You can then attract them to your site with different kinds of email marketing from newsletters to automated drip messages. With your tracking and identification you will know exactly who visit's your site and what they are doing. Use Vine to increase your website traffic and attract the right audience to enjoy your content.

You can, for example, use these Vine features:

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More conversions

Use our marketing engine to bring life to your website. With our conversion features you can better activate, communicate and support customer journeys. You can also lenghten your customer journey by automated communication paths that keep bringing your visitor back for more. You can use various features such as an interactive bot form, a 24/7 customer supporting chatbot and a well-placed contact form to activate your website visitors.

Use, for example, these Vine features:

Bot forms
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Warmer leads

Vine's Marketing Engine doesn't mind the gap between sales and marketing - it creates a path between these two sections of your company. With Vine your marketing team can produce better leads to your sales and use automation to send the leads to the right sales personnel at the right time. Sales team can use the Vine Lead Generator to follow and manage leads. The Lead Generator will also show your sales all the valuable infomation about your lead, such as lead point, what they have read, which pages they have visited and what are they interested in. Thus making it easier for your sales to provide quality customer experiences througout your sales funnel.

Use, for example, these features:

Lead Generator

Empower your marketing

Marketing automation is a gift from higher powers to your company's marketing team. With marketing automation your team can automate routine tasks that take precious time away from strategy, content production and creative work. You can for example automate your repetitive communication paths, event registration and lead generation. This way your marketing can concentrate on the creative tasks that improve your brand value and help them support your sales even better.

Use, for example, these features:

Lead Generator

Reach your B2B audience with Vine's Lead Engine

Vine's Lead Engine gives you the means to tell your story, reach your audience and gain trustworty data on who is actually interested in your services.

With our Lead Engine you get 1500 Finnish B2B-contacts selected from your ideal buyer profile, Vine's Email Marketing that helps you create and send emails that actually reach their audience and trustworthy data that is not ruined by bot clicks.

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Start your engine, plan your marketing and manage your automation paths. We will help you get started but you decide where you wish to go.

Help, please.

Sometimes you need help getting started. We have different solutions for your needs whether you are looking for a shorter campaign solution or someone to help you with content.


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We have a diverse Partner network that helps companies with their marketing automation.

Check out our Crash course to marketing automation (in Finnish).

CRM for better client management

Up-to-date client register

Develop and maintain your client relations with Vine. Secure your client information and make sure that all the valuable information is accessible for everyone in your team.

Client data

Vine's CRM allows you to easily link and connect vast amount of information to each other thus making it easy to see the big picture. This way you will remember who was where, when and what was discussed.

Easy time management

Bring all your company calendars to one place and make them easily accessible for all. Make sure everyone knows what each employee is doing and book events to each other's calendars with ease.

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Help your customers grow and improve their marketing as a Vine Partner. Find out more about our partnership programme (only in Finnish).


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