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390 €/mo

1 000 contacts

4 000 emails

10 000 website visitors

1 domain

100 SMS-messages

3 users

5 000

550 €/mo

5 000 contacts

20 000 emails

50 000 website visitors

1 domain

100 SMS-messages

3 users

10 000

690 €/mo

10 000 contacts

40 000 emails

100 000 website visitors

2 domain

100 SMS-messages

3 users

50 000

990 €/mo

50 000 contacts

200 000 emails

500 000 website visitors

5 domains

100 SMS-messages

3 users

Easy start with a three month StarterPack!

We wish to ensure that your marketing engine runs smoothly. When you start your engine and take Vine to accelerate your marketing you also get a three month StarterPack. We will provide your team with training, support on weekdays from 9-17 and best practices to begin your Vine journey. This way you will get your engine started easily and you can begin your journey to growth. Read more on our solutions.

Reach your B2B audience with Vine's Lead Engine

Vine's Lead Engine gives you the means to tell your story, reach your audience and gain trustworty data on who is actually interested in your services.

With our Lead Engine you get 1500 Finnish B2B-contacts selected from your ideal buyer profile, Vine's Email Marketing that helps you create and send emails that actually reach their audience and trustworthy data that is not ruined by bot clicks.





Lead Generator



Bot Forms


Landing pages




We will help you get started!

Want an easy start?

Looking for an easy and simple way to get started with marketing automation? Our campaign package is for you! Vine Campaigns are 2-3 month long campgains that utilise landing pages, email marketing, different conversion tools and automations. Vine Campaign is an easy way to get used to the vast benefits of marketing automation!

Starting from 1700€/2 months

Need content or guidance?

Do you wish to use Vine but you lack content? We can help you! Vine has a diverse network of partners from freelancers to large marketing agencies. These content production and marketing professionals can help you get started!

Starting from 580€

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CRM for your company

Vine's martech family began from our CRM solution and they are still a cornerstone of the Vine solutions family. Our CRM suits variety of companies. With a CRM you will stay up-to-date on all your customer paths, customer service needs and sales funnels. Book a meeting and learn more about our CRM!

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