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Our story

Vine originated as a working group software in the year 1991, then called Grapevine. Later we discovered there was another software with the same name in Australia, so we decided to change our name to Vineyard, symbolising the fruits of knowledge tied together.

Unfortunaltely, the trade register didn’t qualify the name Vineyard International because it wasn’t related
to our industry. That’s why our business description was creatively altered to: “The company’s
mission is also to promote knowledge of Finnish wine culture internationally.” It can be found in the corporate by-laws even to this day.

Over time Vineyard was shortened to Vine, that became our official name in 2016. Our customers have worked with “Vine” for years and the “Vine team” has always been there for them.
Although our name has changed over the years, our expertise and quality tools haven’t changed and aren’t going anywhere.


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