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Marketing automation

The greatest benefit has been that we have been able to widen our audience by almost 90%.

Jussi Laaka

toimitusjohtaja, Asianajotoimisto Jussi Laaka

Vine has fulfilled our expectations. We are very pleased by the simplicity and ease-of-use of Vine's CRM and marketing automation.

Petra Rusi

markkinointipäällikkö, Matkahuolto

Vine's marketing automation frees time from routine tasks. We can concentrate on our content when we know that the tool works.

Minna Kakko


Our newest case story

A lot of time has been freed by using the Vine marketing automation for all our communication. We can concentrate on the content when we know that the tool works.
- Minna Kakko, EastCham.

Vine automates EastCham's event management and communication. This allows them to spend more time on quality content production.


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Work from Finland

In 2020 Vine achieved the Avainlippu accreditation.

Guide to automation

Learn more about marketing automation from our guide (in Finnish).

Audiences from Suomen Asiakastieto

We work together with Suomen Asiakastieto to provide you with the best audiences for your marketing needs.

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Join us to a bot revolution. We have various options from an AI based chatbot to an inpage bot.