Address service

Address Service is a ready-to-use addition to Vine, with which you get a marketing database with contacts immediately at your disposal. The service gives you access to contact details of 325 000 Finnish companies and 380 000 decision-makers' contacts maintained by Suomen Asiakastieto. The service keeps your customer information up to date and automatically updates changed data.





marketing database

Marketing database

Create a customer or marketing database with quality data.

company and person search

Company and person search

Get new company and decision-maker contacts according to your needs.

target group selection

Target group selection

Create target groups easily with classifications of your choosing.

ongoing data updates

Ongoing data updates

Keep customer data automatically up to date.





- Create a quality customer and marketing database

marketing database


Create your customer and marketing database or update and fill in your current database with Vine Address Service. Bring your customer data to common use for everyone working with customers and ensure the data is up-to-date. The service draws on Suomen Asiakastieto's high quality company and decision-maker data, with which you can compile a fresh and quality marketing database.




- Pick new company and decision-maker contacts straight to your database


company and person search


You can enhance your marketing database by picking new company and decision-maker information straight to your CRM marketing database right when you need them. With Vine's integrated and quick search function you can see what information is available and download it to use it straight away.

You can add individual companies to your database or make larger selections using different classifications, like industry, revenue or personnel count. New information is always downloaded per company, so you get all the data related to a company at once, including all the decision-makers in the company.




- Create target groups easily straight in you marketing database

target group selection


Create email marketing target groups and sales call lists with the handy target group selection tool. Select companies based on for example industry, revenue or personnel count. Or choose your target group based on decision-makers areas of responsibility and compile a target group for example of only people responsible for marketing-related decisions.

With Vine's digital marketing and marketing automation you can make personalized marketing straight from your marketing database - without any spreadsheets.

Read more about Vine for marketing >>




- Keep your customer data and marketing database automatically up to date


ongoing data updates


Forget heavy updating projects or laborious manual updating of customer data. Vine Adress Service updates all company and decision-maker data automatically. Both the new contacts you have downloaded as well as data previously found in your marketing database is automatically updated every month with Suomen Asiakastieto's freshest information.





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