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15-06-2017 Selina Sarantila

Thoughts about digitalization from a millenial

I’m definitely a diginative. I haven’t lived a day in a world without computers or mobile phones, and I find it very difficult to imagine a time without them. I spend a b...

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09-06-2017 Elisa Kalliola

Keep an eye on these 3 things when reforming your …

When enterprises are reforming their website, it is very common to pay attention to website’s visual appearance aesthetics. These are of course important elements but the...

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15-05-2017 Elisa Kalliola

Recipe of quality leads

The most important goal of marketing is to generate leads for sales. The most ipostant goal of sales is to close deals with leads. Sounds easy? Still these both are som...

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18-04-2017 Elisa Kalliola

Marketing automation without mysticism

Terms like triggers, CTAs or drip fly through the air when we talk about marketing automation. This weird terms make marketing automation sound like more rocket science t...

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15-03-2017 Elisa Kalliola

Prepare B2B marketing and sales for digitalization

Vine had an honor to be a partner in Sales Morning 2017 event at Finlandia Hall in 14th March 2017. There was over 200 guests and Sales Morning was all about the future a...

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07-02-2017 Elisa Kalliola

What Is Marketing Automation?

WHAT IS MARKETING AUTOMATION? This text is a quick guide to the world of marketing automation. What do we actually mean by marketing automation and what does it include?...

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