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06-03-2018 Elisa Kalliola

8 email marketing tips

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20-02-2018 Emmi Taittonen

Insights about marketing automation

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20-02-2018 Eero Peurala

Hello, can anybody hear me?

This text is only available in Finnish. 

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16-01-2018 Matti Kaasalainen


This blogpost was created based on the mostly asked questions on our GDPR webinars. Read more about GDPR from our previous blogposts: GDPR from the view of B2B-marketeer...

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12-01-2018 Elisa Kalliola

Does business blogging still get results?

The amount of content online has grown with huge speed during last few years. The guestion is: Does business blogging acctually get results anymore in B2B marketing? Do t...

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10-01-2018 Emmi Taittonen

Case Cardplus

”Vine is a great tool to boost up marketing, especially to companies who want to be hands in working with the automation.” - Heidi Ramstedt-Otava, marketing director, Car...

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09-01-2018 Emmi Taittonen

Why to use marketing automation? Top 5 reasons

You have quite possibly ran into the subject marketing automation, in different sources. It has made it’s way on to many ”2018 marketing trends”- lists. There is a lot of...

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14-12-2017 Elisa Kalliola

GDPR mythbusters

This blogtext is sequel to our previous GDPR post: GDPR for B2B marketer. Google finds over 8 million results with the word ”GDPR” at the moment. Discussion is heated, ...

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08-12-2017 Elisa Kalliola

Marketing trends 2018

Does it feel like the year 2017 happened in a blink of an eye. Yes, we do too. We gatherd together some trends that will definitely be seen 2018 in the world of marketing...

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07-12-2017 Elisa Kalliola

Great results in only 3 months

Many companys who are thinking of getting started with marketing automation, are wondering what kind of results you can actually achieve with it. Here is an example from ...

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