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18-10-2017 Eero Peurala

Automatic or manual?

This text is only available in Finnish.

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16-10-2017 Elisa Kalliola

Tips for more targeted marketing

The amount of content has raised up to clouds because of digitalisation. There is a lot of different marketing communication coming from different channels all the time. ...

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26-09-2017 Elisa Kalliola

Case Circulos

The text of our customer, case, Circulos, is only available in Finnish. See the text from here.

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22-09-2017 Elisa Kalliola

Automated event management

Digitalisation has made me miss genuine encounters with people. Looking from the view of Marketeer, events offer a unique opportunity for the encounters. Instead of spend...

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07-09-2017 Elisa Kalliola

Did you miss out Marketing week? 5 tips

Text of tips in Marketing week is only available in Finnish. See the text from here.

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14-07-2017 Elisa Kalliola

5 digital marketing trends 2018

Does the year 2018 still seem to be so far away? We both anyway know that we'll find ourselves sending Christmas cards and making New Year's promising sooner than we coul...

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