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50 €/mo

incl. 500 contacts

Your own contacts

1 User

Email marketing and newsletters

LEAD (s)

120 €/mo

incl. 1 500 contacts

Contacts from Suomen Asiakastieto

1 User

+ Visitor tracking
+ Leads
+ Cookie Consent


170 €/mo

incl. 1 500 contacts

Contacts from Suomen Asiakastieto

3 Users

+ Automations
+ Drip Messages
+ A/B-Testing
+ Downloads
+ Forms
+ SMS-Messages


290 €/mo

incl. 1 500 contacts,
max contacts unlimited

Contacts from Suomen Asiakastieto

3 Users

+ Bot-forms
+ Chatbot
+ Events
+ Questionnaires

Expand flexibly as needed

You can flexibly expand the configuration of the service according to your needs. Pick up more containers from Suomen Asiastieto’s company and decision-maker register +€50/month per 1000 decision-makers or download your own customer contacts +€20/month per 1000 contacts. Maximum allowed contacts is 50 000 in XS-M packages.

Additional domains +50€/month and additional users +10€/month. The Lead, Automation and Large packages include Zapier integration, as well as a REST interface in the Large package.

Easy to get started with no start-up fees!

It’s important to us that you get the engine running and get off to a smooth start with Vine. That’s why every Vine service package includes a startup meeting free of charge. We check that the technical settings are correct and make sure that you can use the target groups and email templates.

In the larger Automation (M) and Large (L) packages, we also organize an automation workshop free of charge.

All service packages include continuous support in English/Finnish on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm (EET timezone).

The service package is for a fixed period of 6 months, after which the service continues indefinitely, the notice period is 3 months. The service is billed monthly.

Experts in Vine can help you

Each of us sometimes needs help with everyday tasks, and Vine has solutions for many kinds of puzzles. You can get personal expert from us to for 80€/month to  support your Vine use. The service includes four consultations per month, additional support €30/time.

Reach your B2B audience with Vine's Lead Engine

Vine's Lead Engine gives you the means to tell your story, reach your audience and gain trustworty data on who is actually interested in your services.

With our Lead Engine you get 1500 Finnish B2B-contacts selected from your ideal buyer profile, Vine's Email Marketing that helps you create and send emails that actually reach their audience and trustworthy data that is not ruined by bot clicks.

Lead Engine now only 120€/month!





Lead Generator



Bot Forms


Landing pages





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