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I’ve used Vine already for 15 years and I very warmly recommend it. We chose Vine based on a comparison in 2001 and its usage broadens constantly. Vine shows the links between objects and helps me organize my thoughts. Even the starry sky doesn’t look like much before the lines that connect the stars in constellations. It’s a wonderful software!


– Juha Virtanen, Project Development Manager, Lemminkäinen

Juha Virtanen, Projektikehityspäällikkö, Lemminkäinen



Minna Kakko, hallintopäällikkö, Suomalais-Venäläinen kauppakamari

One of the key criteria for choosing Vine was that it takes into account the requirements of the Russian Personal Data Act. We were able to personalize the system for SVKK’ special needs and the deployment process was fast and flexible. Our special thank you goes to the support Vine offered us both during the deployment process and everyday use. We feel that the supplier has invested in individual customer service and has much regard for the customers’ aspirations and wishes for development. We’ve always got detailed advice from experts when we have needed it. The system has very well fulfilled all the operational goals and needs set. Our daily work is much facilitated by the Finnish, English and Russian language versions that all work smoothly and without trouble. 


– Minna Kakko, Management Chief, Suomalais-Venäläinen kauppakamari SVKK




In Vine you can find everything globally in one place. Easy access to the system facilitates its use worldwide.

– Tommi Isotalo, ICT Manager, Flowrox

Tommi Isotalo, ICT-päällikkö, Flowrox



Kari Juutilainen, toimitusjohtaja, InHunt Group




I’ve recommended Vine for many CEOs. We use Vine mostly for customer management and it is indeed a vital system for us. The software work well and its common calendar feature helps us in time managing. 


– Kari Juutilainen, CEO, InHunt Group


Vine is a brilliant tool for B2B-marketing where all information is easily accessible. I come to work in the morning, I open Vine and then proceed with my day. I absolutely recommend it to everyone, working without Vine would be difficult.

− Taina Tamminen, Area Manager, Marja Kurki

We use Vine for customer management: there you can find customer information and everyone’s calendars. Vine helps us with meetings and event organization. 

− Nina Vaasvainio, Project Assistant, Motiva

Vine is an essential part of our sales process. When information is stored in Vine, it’s easily accessible to everyone. The software makes our job a lot easier.

− Virpi Latvanen, Sales Assistant, Elematic

Vine is bent for many purposes and works with all kinds of things. It’s a multifunctional database software that we use for documentation, billing and training management.

− Kari Sopanen, Training and Development Manager, KRAO

Marja Kurki, Motiva, Elematic




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