Creating or Editing a Questionnaire

Entering Basic Information

To create a new questionnaire, click the New Questionnaire link on the Questionnaire tool pane in the Company tool pane of the Management tabbed page or right-click any questionnaire and select New Questionnaire from the shortcut menu. The questionnaire Edit Form wizard will open the first Basic Information page:

  • Enter a name and description.

  • Enter start and end dates when this questionnaire will be valid. Please note that for a questionnaire to appear in an event the questionnaire time period (from start to end dates) must fully include the event time period (from start to end).

  • Choose a questionnaire phase.

  • Choose Event Type. Only events of this type will be allowed to use with this questionnaire.

Click Next to go to the next page.

Associating Companies

On the Associated Companies page, you can add specific Questionnaire Requirements or select Default Questionnaire to use this questionnaire for companies which have no questionnaire connected Vine objects are linked to each other by connections. Vine shows an object together with links to all objects directly connected to it..

  • To find companies by name and associate with the questionnaire, click Add Company. In the Add Items dialog, locate and add companies.

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Associating Sales People

On the Associated Users page, you can add Questionnaire Requirements when editing corresponding events.

In this page the user will select who should see this questionnaire when creating / editing new events. Add persons from Organization will show the same window as Add Persons link in calendar.

  • Click Add Persons from Organization to select and add sales people from your company. (The same dialog is used when you add people to your calendar using the Adding Persons to Calendar link).

  • Click Add Persons from Folder to add people from one or several folders. In this Add Items dialog you can search for folders with the contents type – Persons. Select folders and click Add. People from the selected folders will be added to the list of associated sales people.

  • Click Next to go to the next page.

Adding Questions and Feedback

On the Questions and Feedback pages, you specify questions to be asked on the Questions and Feedback parts of the questionnaire, respectively. These two pages are identical. The Feedback page comes next after the Questions page.

  • Questions are normally regular business questions and some of those could be mandatory to answer.

  • Feedback topics usually should be free for the customer to fill in if there is a need for a complaint or another unexpected comment.

The page lists questions on the left of it. You need first to select a question to configure it:

To add a question


To select a question

Click in the question area and the selected question will be highlighted with blue border

To move a selected question one row up


To move a selected question one row down


To delete a selected question


  1. To add a question: Click . A new question will be added and selected at the bottom of the list of questions.

  2. Click  or  to move the question to the required position in the list of questions.

  3. Select a question type for the question from the Question Type list:

  4. If you need more information about each question type and other question settings please refer to the Question Fields section.

  5. Enter a Title and a Question in the corresponding fields:

  6. Enter Answer Options. Check how the answer options will look for your question and use the UP/Down arrows to move any option row to the desired position.

  7. Enter internal notes which will not be shown in the working questionnaire.

  8. Select Free Text Answer if needed. A Free Text edit box will be added so that any extra information can be entered.

  9. Select Mandatory if you do not want the user to skip answering this question

    Please note that the Mandatory option becomes effective only after the start time of the event passes. Before the start time the answers are not mandatory as you should be able to edit the event without answering the questions.

  10. Click Next and add questions in the same way on the Feedback page.


To edit an existing questionnaire, right-click it and select Edit from the shortcut menu.

If the questionnaire is open, you can double-click in its Questionnaire pane to open the questionnaire's edit form.

For information about the fields, see the Questionnaire Fields section.