Vine GDPR-tools to help customers

The GDPR's key objectives are to increase the transparency of the processing of personal data and to strengthen the rights of data subjects to control the processing of their personal data. Vine tools and services help to implement these rights and help with duties of register keepers.

In this page, we have collected information about how Vine, customers of Vine, and partners of Vine process personal data and how Vine tools help to implement GDPR.


A Registered user is a real person who can be identified, and whose personal data is processed.

We may process your information as a registrar if you are a client company or a stakeholder contact or a contact person. We may process your information if you are a target marketer for Vine’s marketing communications or our services.

Our privacy statement describes in more detail the purpose, the reason for the processing of personal data, the data processors and the data to be processed and their retention periods. The leaflet also tells you about data protection and the rights of the data subject, that is, you. At the end of the brochure you will be able to request a link to the information we have collected about you.


Controller means a company or organization that defines the purpose, means, and instructions for processing.

Vine is the controller when it comes to personal data related to Vine’s own client companies, stakeholders or target groups in marketing communications. As a controller, we are responsible for processing this personal data and for enforcing the rights of data subjects.

Vine’s client company is the controller for its own personal information even though personal data is processed by Vine’s service. Our customer defines the purpose, means and instructions for the treatment.


Processor means an individual, company or organization that processes personal data on behalf of the controller.

Vine is the processor when it comes to processing Vine’s personal data. Vine is also a processor when we process personal data on behalf of our clients or partners.

Our partner is a processor of personal data when the processing is on behalf of the principal, even though the personal data is located and processed by Vine.


As a customer of Vine, you are the controller and responsible for the processing of personal data and the exercise of the rights of data subjects. Vine acts as a processor of personal data in accordance with the agreement and instructions.

The Privacy Annex to the Vine Agreements (Personal Data Processing Agreement, DPA) defines the responsibilities and activities of the controller and processor under the GDPR.


The GDPR’s key objectives are to increase the transparency of the processing of personal data and to strengthen the rights of data subjects to control the processing of their personal data. To help inform registered users (i.e. your customers or your marketing target audience) and enforce your rights, we have the following tools:


The privacy policy describes what and how personal information is processed in Vine Services. The Privacy Policy is automatically available to you and can be linked to your homepage and emails.

You will find a privacy policy in Vine Marketing Automation: Settings -> At the bottom of the page, “Company Information”


Checking your own information is also a Vine ready service for your customers. At the end of the privacy statement, there is a form for a customer review request. Customer fills in his email address and Vine’s service sends him a link in an e-mail that allows him to check what personal information about him has been collected by Vine’s service.

Check the bottom of Vine’s privacy policy


A request for deletion of data (“the right to be forgotten”) is a GDPR data subject’s right. If your reason for processing personal data is in the legitimate interest of the company, you will have to remove the personal information if requested. To remove this information, we have added Vine’s ready-to-use feature, which allows you to delete the registered person’s information after processing your request. It also ensures that the person’s information is not re-entered in the register.

You will find the delete function in Vine Marketing Automation: Settings -> Bottom of the page “GDPR – Delete Person”


Cookie notification is a ready-made feature of Vine that you can implement on your website. The function informs the visitor of your website of the use of cookies and provides a link to the Privacy Policy.

You can enable the cookie notification when the Vine tracking code is placed on your web site. You can turn on the cookie notification in Vine Marketing Automation: Settings -> At the bottom of the page, “Cookie Consent”


Opting out of email marketing is also a feature of Vine’s service. Each marketing message includes a link through which the recipient of the message can leave the mailing list or manage their mailings. This link will be added to your email template.


Consent is one possible legal basis for processing personal data under the GDPR. The most commonly used criteria in corporate marketing and communications are legitimate interest and contract, or customer loyalty. If you use consents, Vine makes it easier for you by providing consent forms and documenting the system with the consents obtained (who, when, what).


The Vine service automatically removes unnecessary and outdated historical data. Old marketing history of registrants (which web page the person visited, what emails you sent, etc.) will be automatically deleted after 18 months. 


Integrated with Vine’s service, the Customer Information Business and Decision Register will help you maintain up-to-date and accurate information about your customers and your target audiences. Data checks performed by customer data are automatically updated on a monthly basis.


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